Monday, October 12, 2009

Learning the Lessons of History - Time to Act

Most Americans have very superficial knowledge of history or the workings of our government. This is true because history is rarely listed as a favorite subject by many people. So all take the mandatory history classes to get through school and study for the test and then forget the lessons learned. I grew up in the 50's and 60's before computers, video games and cable TV. So, I had to turn to books for entertainment to discover the world. While I read some fiction, I was attracted to the non-fiction of history and biographies. And, I remember rushing home from school at age 10 to watch President Kennedy's Press Conferences, which were very entertaining because the President had a great sense of humor. I know, I know, I was a nerd of the highest order before anyone used that word to describe kids that were "different".

Once I entered Cal State I earned degrees in both History and Political Science and then taught history and government for six years at the junior, senior and adult school levels in Los Angeles before deciding that I wanted to earn a good living and left to pursue a career in business. But, I never forget the lessons of history that are more relevant to the United States today than ever. President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are bankrupting the United States. In order to finance Obama's Socialist Schemes, the President must convince foreigners to hand over more of their cash than ever before. There is $60 Trillion of wealth available for investment. The Obama Administration needs to sell $2 Trillion of Treasury paper in the next year to finance the economic SwindleUS Plan and related federal deficits.

Foreigners already own roughly 43% of the $7.5 Trillion in publicly held Treasury debt, led by China that owns $750 Billion in T-Bills. The question is how long will this continue? Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are creating new entitlement programs that will result in Trillions of dollars in deficit spending for years to come. There is simply no credible plan to balance the budget. At some point as the value of the dollar continues to fall against other currencies and these deficits continue, foreigner will determine that the risk buying US T-Bills is too great. That has already happened in California when the state tries to sell its bonds. In order to sell California bonds, the state must pay relatively high interest rates, much higher than returns on other investments, in order to attract investors because California is bankrupt. This is all just Economics 101.

Any one who thinks that the collapse of the United States is not feasible, if Obama continues to bankrupt our country, simply has not learned the lessons of history. The French, Russian and Chinese revolutions and perhaps others, all followed by bloody periods in history, because their governments bankrupted their countries and it led to economic collapse. The same happened in Germany in the 20th century and we know the end of that story. The Soviet Union collapsed because their economy collapsed not because they were militarily weak. The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in years of poverty for their people, dismemberment of their country and a quasi-dictator in charge of a smaller Russia today. Clearly, if Democrat Socialist unsustainable deficit spending persists in the United States, all bets are off.

If there is economic collapse in the United States, people today will not endure the deprivation that occurred during the the Great Depression. Millions of people in the United States have guns and are buying more out of fear of the future. We could see civil strife. We could actually see the dismemberment of the United States. The word "secession" has resurfaced in some states. I look to the lessons of history to predict the future. All of these things have happened in other countries that were bankrupted by their governments. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the United States would not experience the same outcome if we have wide spread poverty, unemployment above 20% and capitulation to other countries that hold our debt. There would be a violent reaction if these things take place. To be sure, I am not advocating violence; but simply describing what has occurred in other countries as I sound alarm bells.

There is a better alternative. Our Constitution allows the states to step in when the federal government goes astray and believe me the federal government under Obama and the Democrat Socialists has gone astray. Yes, we can throw the bums out of office and hopefully in 2010, we will see change in Congress and in 2012, we will elect a more responsible President; however, that is not enough. We need three amendments to our US Constitution that require Term Limits, a Balanced Budget and Limitation on Federal Taxing Authority. We have to stop all the corruption in Washington. We have to stop politicians of both parties from living beyond our means. And, we have to limit taxing authority of the federal government requiring more approval by the people, perhaps through state approval for tax increases. The states have the power to call a Constitutional Convention and should do so because the politicians in Washington will never act to limit their power. One way or another, we must bring back power to We The People.

Clearly, our elected representatives in Washington cannot be trusted to act responsibly to represent the interests of the American people. They have proven this over and over again. So we need a Constitutional Revolution to take back our country. If we as a people fail to put our house in order, we could very well experience the cataclysmic change that occurred during the French, Russian and Chinese Revolutions and the chaos that happened in Germany and the Soviet Union. Time is running out. We must learn the lessons of history and act to save our country.

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