Friday, October 9, 2009

Dollar Falling - Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize???

Since President Obama took office in January, the value of the dollar against other currencies has fallen 12.6%. This is happening because financial markets are neither Democrat nor Republican; but rather immediately reflective of Economics 101. This is a clear case that cards talk and numbers don't lie; but many politicians do lie. The value of the dollar is falling as a vote of no confidence in President Obama's economic SwindleUS Plan, trillions in deficit spending, CAP and TAX, HealthScare and because the Federal Reserve is printing money to buy up federal debt. While a weak dollar helps grow exports, for Americans holding dollars, it will mean that we will need more of them to buy imports. Remember, many of the things we take for granted that provide Americans a higher standard of living than exists in other countries are manufactured overseas. As the value of the dollar falls, we will all have to spend more to buy many consumer products and/or we will buy none at all which means more job loss in the US. This hurts the poor the most.

Unfortunately, this is all a vicious cycle that can have disastrous consequences. If the value of the dollar continues to fall, it is not likely that the Chinese and other foreign investors will want to own dollar denominated treasuries. If that happens, when the federal government tries to sell treasuries to fund Obama's trillions in deficit spending, there will be no takers. The FEDS then would have to print money to fund deficit spending in essence monetizing the debt. This will lead to tremendous inflation which will ultimately cause the complete collapse of the dollar. Already, there are countries calling for a global currency to replace the dollar for fear of the dollar's collapse. In addition, the International Monetary Fund is proposing the ability to tax banks in all countries to fund poor countries and provide insurance against future financial crisis. This is just redistribution of income on a global scale and is an incredible threat to our national sovereignty. My guess is the President Obama will support this notion because he wants to be President of the world; not just the United States.

Just today, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize chosen over 200 other nominees. What is that all about?? Normally, this would be a great honor except that President Obama has done absolutely nothing to deserve this award. Do we have peace in the Middle East? Have the Iranians or the North Koreans given up their nuclear weapons? Is the war over in Afghanistan? Are our troops out of Iraq? The answer to all these questions is NO. Obama was actually nominated two weeks after his election by the Nobel Prize committee in Norway, no doubt composed of Socialists, who see Obama's Presidency as a dream come through. Clearly, the members of this Committee have been eating too much herring laced with mercury. What on earth were they thinking? Past Presidents that have won the Nobel Peace Prize like Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 did so because he negotiated an end to the Russo-Japanese War. Woodrow Wilson, though a failed President, won the Prize for his efforts at peace making in World I and for pushing the idea of the League of Nations. Jimmy Carter won the prize years after his Presidency for his humanitarian work; though he could also have been acknowledged for ending the conflict between Israel and Egypt.

President Obama has been given the Nobel Peace Prize because he is the first President to go overseas and speak badly of the United States, which other nations just love and for no other obvious reason or accomplishment. Obama blames the US for all the evil in the world and he has said so on foreign shores. It is disgraceful; but it won him the prize. Sadly, others like Ronald Reagan, who ended the cold war and pushed for nuclear disarmament, was never acknowledged. Richard Nixon, who opened the way to relations with Communist China, and/or even Bill Clinton who helped broker a deal to end the violence and bring peace to Northern Ireland never won the Nobel Peace Prize. President Bush I that pushed Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait was probably not even nominated. Yet, Barack Obama who has accomplished nothing meaningful year to date except capitulation to our enemies has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure.

And, there is a connection to the US Dollars. The President of the United States should be the Salesman in Chief for the United States. When Obama goes overseas and speaks badly of the US, he is actually talking down the dollar. Of course, Obama's failed economic plan is not helping either; but talking negatively about the US overseas is a sure way to help cause a weak dollar. Mr. President, get with the program. President Obama and the Democrat Socialists the control Congress are a clear and present danger to the people of the United States. Their Socialist schemes for America and their trillions in deficit spending will lead to the collapse of the dollar, higher interest rates and inflation and a lower standard of living for our people. The writing is on the wall if we don't stop the Democrat Socialists from imposing their will on the American people. We we need to take our country back to prevent the demise of the United States. The clock is ticking.

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