Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paying our "Fair Share"- Sweden Rejects Socialism

Democrat Socialists like President Obama, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and others often say that the "rich", presumably the 10% of wage earners that pay 71% of all income taxes in the United States, do not pay our "Fair Share". As such, several months ago since this comment is so outrageous and wrong, I tried to set up a meeting with Senator Harry Reid, my Senator from Nevada because I wanted to show him my tax returns. Since Senator Reid doesn't have the guts to come home to meet with his constituents face to face, I offered to go to Washington DC at his convenience. I tried for three months to set up a meeting with his scheduler to show Senator Reid that I pay more than 40% of my income in various local, state and federal taxes and that does not include my Social Security and Medicare contributions. The bottom line is that Senator Harry Reid refused to meet with me. This clearly demonstrated to me that we need to send Harry Reid back to Search Light, Nevada, his home, in November, 2010. It is time for Senator Reid to retire to the desert to play with his grandchildren. We are going to do what we can to make that happen. Senator Reid is simply out of touch with the real world and refuses to work in the interests of his state and/or constituents as he continues to cram through Obama's Socialist vision for America. Senator Reid's comments when he referred to Tea Bag Protesters as "evil mongers" was the last straw and was one of the reasons I formed the National Freedom Forum. I realized that I could not be a bystander any longer and I had to take action.

Cards talk and numbers don't lie; but many Democrat Socialist politicians do lie.
Here are the facts. The top 1% of wage earners pay 40% of income taxes collected by government. The top 10% pay 71% of taxes collected. The top 53% pay 100% of all federal income taxes collected by the federal government. Hence, 47% of wage earners pay no income taxes at all and the working poor actually get money back from the government through the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is just another term for welfare. So, when Democrat Socialists claim that we don't pay our "Fair Share", I would like to know who they are talking about. What we have is a Progressive Income tax on steriods. Since the top 10% of wage earners pay 71% of income taxes collected, it is very clear that we not only pay our Fair Share, we pay everyone else's share too.

When Democrat Socialists talk of "social justice", all should be aware that this is code for redistribution of income. And, when Democrat Socialists talk of increased "investments", which began with Bill Clinton, they are really talking about tax increases. Democrat Socialist believe in tax and spend and government dependency because it is their ticket to POWER. At this very moment, President Obama is considering another SwindleUS Plan to extend unemployment benefits. The cost is estimated to be $100 Billion. Believe me as someone who has ordered lay-offs in the last two years, I am very sympathetic to the needs of the unemployed; but extending unemployment benefits, though it may be necessary because of Obama's failed first SwindleUS Plan, will not create one new job. The only way to grow the economy is across the board tax cuts and incentives to create jobs instead of new job killer laws. It will not happen any other way. However, Democrat Socialists refuse to accept the lessons of history or the premises of Economics 101; hence they just won't do what is necessary to bring about a quicker economic recovery. As such, shortly we will see unemployment rise ever higher.

Ironically, Sweden, until recently perhaps the most Socialist country on earth is fast rejecting Socialism because they now realize it lead to high unemployment and slow growth. The 70's and 80's were lost decades in Sweden much the same as the 90's was a lost decade in Japan for the very same reasons. Socialists in Sweden pushed government spending up dramatically, excluding investment outlays, from 22% of gross domestic product in 1970 to 30% in 1980. Real growth fell from an average of 4.4% annually in the 1960's to 2.4% in the 70's and remained low for the next two decades. Sweden created the ultimate cradle to grave welfare state and the end result was that 25% of people were on the dole through either unemployment or sickness benefits. By the way, we will not see job growth in the US until we have annual GDP growth of at least 3%.

The Swedes have seen the error in their ways because their debt is unsustainable. They now have a center right government that is moving away from Socialism. Their new Finance Minister Anders Borg is cutting taxes and spending. Government owned businesses are being privatized. In other words, Sweden is moving back to classic free market Capitalism to solve their problems. Mr. Borg's heroes are Margaret Thatcher and my hero Ronald Reagan.

It is Back to the Future time in the United States. There are countless examples around the world of failed Socialism; yet President Obama and the Democrat Socialist that control Congress continue to push Socialist Schemes that will lead to higher unemployment, slow growth, a lower standard of living for our people and if the trillions in deficit spending continue, the bankruptcy of the United States. We absolutely have to take back our country for our children and grandchildren. It is time to stand up and JUST SAY NO.

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