Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We The People Can Take Back Our Country

President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress have an enemies list; namely all us that oppose their Socialist Schemes, people who pay income taxes, companies that make a profit and Fox News. We are the enemy because we support freedom, free market capitalism, fiscal sanity and smaller government and we oppose the redistribution of income that is the basis for all their socialist schemes. Many ask, what can we do to take back our country? The Tea Bag protests are great because they demonstrate that there are millions of us who oppose President Obama's Socialist schemes and his trillions in deficit spending that will bankrupt out country. But, protest alone will not do what is needed to get our country back on track, particularly since Democrat Socialists don't care about the will of the American people.

Our Founding Fathers did a pretty good job of creating checks and balances between the branches of the federal government. However, they did not stop there. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant in their foresight because they realized that at some future date those protections may not be enough to guarantee our freedoms. Our Founding Fathers added Article V to the US Constitution which allows We The People to take back some of the power that we granted our federal elected representatives when they fail to act responsibly. Article V allows two thirds of the states to call for a Constitutional Convention to propose Amendments to the US Constitution and those Amendments become the law of the land if ratified by three fourths of the states. In other words, We The People can add amendments to our Constitution through our states to take back our country. And, the good news is that there are more Red and Purple States than Blue Socialist States. As such, with hard work, it is possible to get this done.

The National Freedom Forum is committed to two goals. First, we must create a national organization to elect conservative candidates that support Freedom, Free Market Capitalism, Smaller Government, a Balanced Budget, a Strong Defense and Family Values. All elections are national so this means raising money for candidates that share our ideals. Second, we must use our organization to promote the following Constitutional Amendments to take back our country:

Term Limits for federal elected officials; no more than 6 two year terms for the House of Representatives and 2 six year terms for the Senate. We must have term limits to get back to citizen politicians who have lived and worked in the real world. This will also help end the corruption in our Congress that comes with politicians for life.

Balance Budget Amendment that requires that the federal government maintain a balanced budget unless an actual Declaration of War has taken place, or there is a defined National Emergency with a beginning and an end that has been certified by a majority vote of two thirds of the state legislatures. We must have an additional check and balance to stop the Trillions in deficit spending that will lead to the destruction of our nation.

Limit on federal taxing authority so that it also requires a majority vote of two thirds of the state legislatures to raise federal taxes as an additional check and balance on federal power. All should recognize that there is a direct relationship between the income taxes confiscated by the federal government and the loss of our freedoms. The more the federal government takes from us, the less freedom we will have. It really is that simple. So, we must make it harder to raise taxes to redistribute income.

Clearly, we need to create additional Constitutional checks and balances on the power of the federal government in an orderly way because our elected federal representative frequently ignore We The People and they have demonstrated over and over again through their reckless deficit spending, laws that limit our freedoms and burdensome confiscatory taxation that they cannot be trusted to represent the interests of the American people. As a result, We The People must take back some of the original powers that we granted our federal elected representatives because they have repeatedly ignored the Constitution and betrayed our trust.

The National Freedom Forum will act with Focus, Passion and Discipline to pursue our mission to take back our country. In the months ahead, we will build a national organization including State and County Chairpersons to organize locally to elect Conservative Candidates who share our ideals and to push state legislatures to begin the process of Amending the Constitution. Believe me, this will be a tough fight because entrenched politicians in Washington in both political parties will not willingly give up their power to control our lives. However, our motto and yellow flag is the one used during the Revolutionary War with the coiled rattle snake that says "Don't Tread On Me" as we act to end tyranny, preserve our freedoms and save our country. We will wage a second Revolution at the ballot box and through responsible elected representatives, we will take back our country.

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