Thursday, October 15, 2009

The HealthScare Plan - Redistribution of Income

In the next month, Democrat Socialists Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid of Search Light, Nevada, my Senator (at least until November, 2010), will meet behind closed doors to combine the House and Senate versions of Obama's HealthScare Plan. This will be like building the Frankenstein monster from body parts. When Pelosi and Reid get done, they will have created an ugly monstrosity that will impact every single American and illegal alien in the United States. It is important for all to recognize that the HealthScare Plan has little to do with health care reform, which is needed, and all to do with redistribution of income as part of their Socialist "social justice" scheme.

Remember, the Obama Administration, including the President, is filled with Socialists and avowed Communists who intend to use every opportunity (and government created crisis) to redistribute income as their stated goal. When ever you hear a Democrat Socialist use the code words "social justice", hold on to your wallet, check book, savings account, real estate and any other investment you may have that was the result of your hard work because what Obama intends to do is take money from you, one way or another, and give it to his Peeps; you know the people in the United States that pay no income taxes at all and/or Trial Lawyers, ACORN and the Big Unions that contribute huge sums of money to Democrat Socialist campaigns.

Obama's HealthScare Plan is the Big Lie personified. When crammed down the throats of the American people by the President and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress, we will see billions in new taxes and mandates, a cost of $1.8 Trillion, or probably more, in deficit spending over the next ten years alone, $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare that will negatively impact seniors including the 10.2 million seniors that will lose their Medicare Advantage private insurance HMO's and significantly higher insurance premiums for those of us that already have health insurance. We will also see the rationing of medical care as exists in other countries where government controls health care. Since there are new mandates on the states included in HealthScare, it will lead to higher taxes as well at the state level and/or significant cuts in other state programs. What is most evil is that even after this Frankenstein monstrosity becomes the law of the land, there will still be 25 million out of the 46 million people remaining uninsured.

As such, some might wonder what is the point? Why are the Democrat Socialists committing this crime against the American people. The answer is simple. Democrat Socialist believe in big government and high taxes because they are the means of controlling our lives and denying us freedom. Democrat Socialists support Big Unions, which only get bigger as government grows, so there is a natural alliance between Unions and Democrat Socialists. The bigger the Unions get the more money they have to donate to Democrat Socialist campaigns to keep them in POWER so that Democrat Socialists can redistribute income under the guise of "social justice". This is just one big circle of evil.

The only way to stop the resultant bankruptcy of the United States is by amending our Constitution as previously posted on this blog to require term limits, a balanced federal budget and limitations on federal taxing authority. Democrat Socialists will oppose these Amendments tooth and nail; but WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and fight like hell to get it done. The next five years will be critical. We must elect conservative candidates in 2010 and 2012. And, we must organize to push for these Constitutional Amendments to take back our country.

P.S. Watch the falling dollar. It is a vote of no confidence in Obama's Economic Plan, or lack thereof, predicated on Trillions in deficit spending that is bankrupting the United States in order to create an even bigger "crisis" to grow government further and limit our freedoms.

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