Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Tax By Any Other Name Is Still A Tax

Nobel prize winner, Democrat Socialist President Obama has said many times that he will not raise taxes on families or businesses earning $250,000 or less a year. Oh, really? President Obama should have won the annual Pinnoccio Award, rather than the Nobel Peace Prize, because his nose is growing by the day. A tax by any other name is still a tax, Mr. President, so let me count the ways taxes will be raised on all Americans as a result of the President's Socialist schemes. First, there are all kinds of direct or indirect tax increases in Obama's HealthScare Plan. Those who choose not to buy health insurance, will be charged a "fee" or fine as a penalty. Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies will pay much higher taxes under HealthScare all of which will be passed on to Americans in higher premiums. Senior citizens will see their costs for health care go up dramatically because of the cuts in Medicare. Those that previously had Medicare Advantage will now have to buy Medigap policies at $200 - $300 a month to get comparable coverage to their Medicare HMO's. There is no free ride. Even with all of this, it is estimated that under the Senate version of the HealthScare Plan, 25 million people will remain uninsured out of the 46 million that supposedly have no health insurance. So what is the point of this monstronsity? Of course, this includes 12 million illegal aliens. By the way, Democrat Socialists refer to illegal aliens in the politically correct world as undocumented residents. Democrat Socialists want illegal aliens counted in the census next year to increase the number of Democrat Socialist congressional districts; but that will be the subject of a different posting.

Let's move on to more taxes. Every provision in CAP and TAX that will result in higher energy cost for the American people, is a tax by any other name. All taxes charged energy producers will be passed on to consumers. Obviously, Americans earning less than $250,000 use heat, air conditioning, electricity and gas every day. We are all going to pay significantly more for energy under CAP and TAX to curb usage. So get ready to keep your heat in winter at 60 degrees not 68% or higher because you will see your heating bills go through the roof. And, if you live in the Southwest, get used to air conditioning at 85 degrees in the summer not 72 degrees because otherwise, you will need a home equity loan to pay your utility bills. And, the cost of gas will result in rationing, that's for sure. Get that bike out just like in North Korea because you will be biking to work.

Gosh, I wonder if the White House or Congressional offices will be kept at these temperatures or whether our elected representatives will be giving up their corporate jets or Limos? Remember, the members of Congress voted down an amendment that would have required them to have the same HealthScare Plan as the American people under HealthScare so it is highly doubtful that they will want to freeze in the winter or swelter in the summer. And, we certainly can't expect our elected representatives to give up their corporate jets and limos. And, why should they? The President and Members of Congress have our checkbook at their disposal. There is absolutely no reason our elected representatives need to suffer along with the rest of us because they are more important than other Americans.

But we are not done yet. Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog posting indicating that "VAT is Coming to America". I suggest all go back and read that posting. The Democrat Socialists are now talking about imposing a Value Added Tax, (VAT) like in most other countries in the world. This would be a national sales tax charged on all goods and services. Some times food from grocery stores is excluded; but not always. And, my guess is that it will start out low to sucker in the American people; maybe about 5%, just like what occurred with the income tax. Then over time, we will see the VAT go to European standards which average around 20% charged on the purchase of all goods and services. As someone who deals with VAT overseas, I can assure all that VAT is a nightmare because businesses are actually able to reclaim VAT by spending significant time and money on administrative procedures and waiting 3 - 6 months to get the money back. VAT is the most outrageous, inefficient tax system in the world first invented by the French. While businesses can reclaim VAT in Europe, the bill is always paid by the consumer. So, all Americans would pay VAT along with other local, state and federal taxes.

Will we have any money left to spend on our families after Democrat Socialists pass all their tax increases to fund their Socialist schemes? As of now, the tax burden in 39 states after the Bush tax cuts expire will exceed 58%. In other words, taxpayers will be giving local, state and federal governments, 58% of their income. But, Democrat Socialists and their big union supporters want even more. How is this different than slavery or Communism? The 53% of us that pay all the taxes in the United States are all slaves on the federal government plantation. And, President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are our Big Brother Masters. As we pay higher and higher taxes to support government and big unions, we will lose our freedoms. Socialism is incapable with freedom. It really is that simple. We have to stand up and JUST SAY NO to President Obama and the Democrat Socialist controlled Congress and all their Socialist schemes. We are fighting for our country and the fight within our nation is as important at the fight against our enemies overseas. We must organize and stand united for freedom. There is no other way.

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