Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Government Is The Problem, Not The Solution

My hero President Ronald Reagan often said, "Government Is The Problem, Not The Solution". Reagan was so right and we are seeing it today more than ever. Last night I awoke to my worst nightmare. It was 3:00 am and so I turned on the TV as usual and there was Speaker of the US House of Representatives, third in line to be President, Democrat Socialist Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco. Congresswoman Pelosi was being interviewed by Charlie Rose, a light weight liberal, who never challenged any of Pelosi's Socialist assertions. I tried to turn to another channel; but I am a glutton for punishment like a moth drawn to a light. The longer I watched the more angry I got. Pelosi does not have a clue concerning job creation or the lessons of history. Pelosi is the typical tax and spend, left wing Socialist politician who believes that government is the solution rather than the problem. The Congresswoman justified Obama's SwindleUS Plan, that was supposed to cap unemployment at 8%, which is now at almost 10%; really 17% when all that have stopped looking for jobs are factored into the total number.

Well as the kids would say, dah! Obama's SwindleUS Plan is a complete failure; so shortly Socialists Pelosi, Reid and Obama will propose SwindleUS Two, which the President will justify by the lack of jobs that have been created by SwindleUS One only instead of taking responsibility, they will blame George Bush, as usual. Mr. President, you bought the store and paid handsomely for it during the election and though you have never managed any private or public enterprise, now you own the store. Remember, old Harry Truman who said, the "Buck Stops Here". Mr. President, it is time to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your actions.

During the interview, Congresswoman Pelosi made the case for HealthScare, and all the bail outs that will bankrupt the United States, and CAP and TAX, which is an incredible job killer bill. As my nightmare continued, I realized just how important it is that we take back our country in the upcoming elections in 2010. We really have to send Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi back to Fisherman's Wharf and Senator Harry Reid back to Seach Light, Nevada because they and President Obama are a clear and present danger to the United States. Politicians always say that the current election is the most important in history; but the reality is that the elections in 2010 ARE the most important elections in recent American history because the long term viability of the United States is at stake. I don't remember an election in my life time more important.

After awakening from my nightmare, later in the day, I attended an industry conference, where I serve on a Government and Policy Committee. We spent five hours discussing all the local, state, federal and foreign government regulations impacting our businesses and industry. As I sat through that meeting, I could only think of Reagan's statement that Government Is The Problem and Not the Solution. As an industry, we are spending millions of dollars complying with government regulations, tax code, directives etc that grow by the day. And, President Obama is proposing even more regulations to control every aspect of our lives. Our founding fathers fought the revolutionary war to end tyranny and here we are again.

As such, I am giving my readers a homework assignment. Please get a copy of Capitalism and Freedom, a brief paper back book published in 1962, written by Milton Friedman, the Nobel prize, award winning, brilliant, conservative economist, who was a professor emeritus at University of Chicago, one of the finest business schools in the world. Read the whole book, but especially read the short chapter entitled Fiscal Policy. After you read this book, you will better understand what must be done to bring prosperity to the United States. You will also see clearly the disaster that is coming if President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are allowed to enact their Socialist schemes and continue bankrupting our country. Knowledge is power. The information in Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom is all you need to make the case to your relatives, friends and neighbors that President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are a clear and present danger to the people of the United States and our way of life. We must stand up and JUST SAY NO.

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