Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama's HealthScare Plan For The "Little People"

President Obama and the Democrat Socialists that control Congress are determined to enact a government-run unionized, public health care system in order to destroy the private insurance health care industry. Their real goal is to have a single payer national health care system like the one that exists in Britain. And, I can tell you that every time I travel to Britain, there is a nightmare horror story in the news about their health care system. In essence, Democrat Socialists want all people in the United States including illegal aliens on Medicare. To do this, Democrat Socialists Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and others continue to call insurance companies profit mongering villains. Believe me, as a business owner, I fully understand the issues we face with insurance companies and we do need real health care reform; but why would anyone think that the federal government can do it more cost efficiently or effectively given government's track record. Obama is bankrupting the United States, which is causing the dollar to collapse and will turn our nation into a banana republic. It is estimated that $60 Billion a year are now wasted in Medicare as a result of fraud. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the FDIC, the Post Office and Amtrac are all bankrupt. Given this track record, Obama wants taxpayers to entrust health care, which amounts to 1/6 of the US economy to him and the gang of corrupt politicians in Congress? What is wrong with this picture?

The reality is that the insurance industry on average generates a 2% profit as reported in a recent issue of Fortune. And, in terms of comparisons with other industries, the insurance industry is number 35 related to profitability. So when Democrat Socialists talk about greedy insurance companies, they are spreading BIG LIE blatant propaganda to sell their public insurance scheme. Besides, profitable companies pay corporate income taxes, which the government desperately needs particularly since with 20 million abortions since 1971, we don't have enough people paying into Social Security and Medicare to fund current and future recipients. Elected officials should be praising profitable companies because without them there is no government. Instead, Democrat Socialists like all Socialists and Communists portray profit, the engine of growth, as a dirty word. For some reason, they want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg and so the government will end up with a big zero goose egg; hence the trillions in deficit spending.

But lets get this straight. If the Democrat Socialist succeed in destroying private health insurance companies, there will be three classes of health care in the United States. First Class - The top 10% of wage earner, the "rich" will buy whatever health care they want as happens now in Canada and Britain and other countries with socialized national health care. Coach - Those that are lucky enough to work for employers that provide over lay insurance will get reasonably good health care because the overlay insurance will cover the 20% that Medicare does not pay. Economy - And, the vast majority of people will be in the Medicare system, which today pays hospitals and doctors roughly 80% of what private insurance pays. Keep in mind, there are many doctors today that will not take Medicare patients.

And, the administration of health care by unionized government employees will be like going to the Post Office. The service will be OK; but generally mediocre and there will be rationing and death panels guaranteed because that is exactly what happens in other countries with national health care systems. Outcomes and results will be like our unionized public school systems. To be sure there are some exceptional public schools, particularly in wealthy areas where parents can afford to subsidize public spending, however, most public schools on a national basis are either mediocre or completely dismal, which again causes the rich particularly in major urban areas, including the President and Mrs. Obama and most elected representatives in Washington DC, to send their kids to private schools. HealthScare will be the same as working with the Post Office and Public Schools. When it positively, absolutely needs to get their the next day, we go to UPS or FED EX because we can't depend on the Post Office. And, many have opted out of public schools because they do not produce results competitive with the rest of the world.

Does anyone really believe that our elected representatives, including the President and his family, will be using the national health care system? Does any one really think that Senator Ted Kennedy, when he was dying of brain cancer would have used a public health care system that he fought for all his life, instead of buying what ever health care he needed in an attempt to save his life? If you believe that our elected representatives would use public health care, then you need to come to California and get a prescription for medical marijuana because you are already delusional. Congress always exempts itself from the programs they force Americans to use. The members of Congress and most government employees are not on Social Security. Instead, they get rich pensions that are often more than four times higher than the highest Social Security payment. So obviously, we won't be seeing the Obama's, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi at any public health care clinic any time soon.

Obama's National HealthScare Plan is for the "little people" as they were referred to by Leona Helmsly, not the rich or elected representatives. To put this in perspective since I travel so much for my business, I have status with United and American Airlines. As such, I get to go through the first class and priority lines. I don't wait with the "little people". And, when there is a nightmare at the airport, I go to the Admirals Club or the Red Carpet Club to get re-booked. I don't wait in long lines because I am "special". The same thing will happen under Obama's HealthScare Plan. The "rich" and elected representatives will go on business as usual. Some that work for generous companies will have the overlap insurance and get reasonably good health care as happens in Britain and other countries with socialized health care; but the other 70% of the people will be stuck with Medicare alone and rationing. It is what it is. That's democracy in the United States.

The only problem is that Medicare is already bankrupt. So how on earth can 90% of the people under age 65 be added to Medicare when the money is not there to meet current obligations for senior citizens. One way is that Obama's HealthScare Plan takes $500 Billion away from senior citizens and cuts their benefits plain and simple. But, otherwise, none of this adds up. The reality is that President Obama and the Democrat Socialist that control Congress are bankrupting the United States. But there is a more malevolent intent in all of this. Eventually, aside from raising taxes of all kinds, which is inevitable if Obama's HealthScare Plan is enacted, the only other place to look for big money in the federal budget is by cutting the military. Democrat Socialists hate our military in spite of what they say. Democrat Socialists have always wanted to dramatically cut our military and surrender our power to some global organization like the United Nations.

Watch what President Obama does not what he says. Actions speak louder than words. Obama is already cutting our military the same way Jimmy Carter did during his dismal Presidency. Obama is cutting our nuclear forces and missile defense unilaterally, which could be perilous in a dangerous world while other countries like Iran are seeking to build nuclear arsenals. Just wait, we will see a wholesale down sizing of our military during the Obama Presidency because the trillions in deficits are just not sustainable. Two and Two do add up to Four and what we will have as a result of President Obama's Socialist Schemes is a bankrupt, weaker United States.

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