Sunday, October 25, 2009

President Obama Declares War on Fox News

President Obama, the Ditherer and Chief can't seem to make a decision concerning sending troops to Afghanistan, in spite of the advice of his appointed Generals, so instead, the Obama Administration decided to pursue a new War against Fox News. Obama's Communist Communications Czar Anita Dunn, who admires Mao Tse Tung, the brutal Communist dictator from China that murdered 70 million Chinese, officially carried out the President's order and declared war on Fox News last week by including Fox on the "Enemies List". Then last Sunday, Obama sent in his Chicago storm troopers Rahm Emanuel, who used to be a ballet dancer before entering politics, and David Axelrod, whose consulting company has made millions off Obama and related Democrat Socialist causes to tell the world that Fox News is not a "legitimate news organization". The Obama Administration's efforts to control the press are very much in keeping with what happens in Venezuela and Russia as both Hugo Chavez and Vladamir Putin have shut down legitimate news organizations that do not tow the party line.

The reality is that Fox News is the highest rated news organizations in the United States. It is the only News Organization that Americans can look to for "fair and balanced" coverage. The other Obama approved news organizations like NBC, CNBC, MSNBC (really anything NBC), ABC and CBS are all left wing organizations that blindly support Obama and therefore their News operations are just not credible. This may be the reason Fox has more viewers than all of the others combined. And, of course NBC is owned by GE, which is controlled by Obama supporter and financial beneficiary, Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE. GE Financial was given TARP funds and GE stands to benefit greatly if Obama's CAP & TAX bill in enacted. So, the old adage, Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing is applicable. As a GE stockholder, I should be happy about GE's influence with the President except that under Immelt, GE's stock has tanked because he has been a complete failure as GE's CEO; but that is another story. Oh where or where is Jack Welch, the former Chairman of GE when the stock was $70 a share instead of $15 about where it is today. And, of course radical, left wing, funded by George Soros is demanding that other Democrat Socialists boycott Fox News. I hope Democrat Socialists do boycott Fox because Fox has a commanding lead in the ratings, which means that conservatives, moderates and independents who watch Fox will not have to listen to Democrat Socialist hog wash.

In any case, last week, the Obama Administration tried to exclude Fox News from the White House Press Pool claiming they were not a legitimate news organization. Fortunately, the other news outlets, even though they support Obama, were smart enough to see the danger in this blatantly political move to suppress freedom of the press. The other news companies stood up and Just Said NO. They all came together to defend Fox's position because they knew that if the Obama thugs could do this to one news company, they could do it to any of them in the future if they ever oppose Obama. The press recognized corrupt Chicago politics when they saw it. The Obama Administration backed down because the Press would not tolerate this outrageous action.

However, it shows that President Obama and his people are despicable. They have created an "Enemies List" and it includes anyone and everyone that opposes their Socialist Schemes. We clearly must stand up and take back our country. President Obama is a Socialist and maybe even a Communist to be determined. Obama is doing everything possible to limit our freedoms and control our lives. We must fight Obama's Socialist Schemes by first taking back the Congress in 2010, electing conservative Governors at every opportunity and ultimately making Obama a one term President in 2012. We have hard work to do; but the future of our country is at stake. We must act to save our country.

P.S. Obama is waiting until after the November elections in Virginia and New Jersey to deal with Afghanistan because Republican Candidates McDonnell and Christie are leading in Virginia and New Jersey and Obama is afraid the left wing of the Democrat Party in those states will stay home if Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan. The decision to send more troops will come right after these elections. Just politics as usual except that our soldier's lives are at stake.

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