Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamanistas Challenge Voter ID Laws

Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, who is generally recognized as a Liar, once again is challenging Voter ID laws, this time in North Carolina.   States run by Republicans have been enacting simple Voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud.   These laws usually require the voter to show government picture ID, either a current drivers license, passport, or picture ID that anyone can get from the Department of Motor Vehicles.   My 93 year Mom, who never drove a car in her life, has always had a Department of Motor Vehicles ID to cash checks, take airplane flights, buy Sudafed etc. etc.   It is no big deal. 

For some strange reason, Obamanistas think that the PEEP's who vote for them are either too stupid, or too lazy to get a government issued ID.  Funny, they don't seem to have any problem applying for Welfare, or Food Stamps, or free cell phones.  This is not a Poll Tax, since states offer this ID for free.   Yes, a person may need to get off their lazy butt and go get the ID at the Department of Motor Vehicles, like my Mom did for years; but since an ID is often needed for many other things, everyone should have an ID anyway.  After all, how will the NSA track Terrorists in our country. 

Again, this is just common sense.   We can't buy Sudafed at the drug store, a non prescription drug without showing government issued picture ID; but Socialists want their PEEP's to be able to vote without showing ID.   Everyone knows that both the living and dead vote in places like Chicago and the phrase vote early and often is a Socialist motto; but come on.   Can we please have an adult conversation about Voter Identification to make sure that those voting are actually citizens eligible to vote.  

We have seen many close elections.   A candidate can lose by a few votes and when ever that seems to happen, it is always Socialists who seem to win close elections.   Wonder why?   We saw that ACORN, Obama's PEEP's, in the 2008 election, were involved and convicted for voter fraud in various parts of the country.   Requiring Voter ID is just common sense.  Hopefully, the courts will agree; but don't count on it.   Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare was Constitutional, a clear infringement on our freedom. 

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