Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Russia & Putin - Not America's Friend

The Cold War technically ended when the old Soviet Union was dismantled and Communism, at least in Europe, was relegated to the ash heap of history.   However, it is important to understand that while the Soviet Union went away, nuclear armed Russia, as a threat to Europe and the United States is still there.  And, Vladamir Putin, who was in charge of the old KGB secret police in the Communist Soviet Union, is now the President and quasi dictator of Russia.   There is no real democracy in Russia.  If Putin sees someone as his enemy, he is put in jail, or even disappears.  There is no free press in Russia.  The media is controlled. 

Further, Putin longs for the days of empire, no different than former Tsars, or Communist leaders.   Historically, Russia always needed warm water ports to project its military power around the world.  Guess what, one of those ports today is in the Eastern Mediterranean in a little country called Syria.  And, Russia like the old Soviet Union wants to control and or have hegemony over the countries nearest its border.  Today, Russia exerts that influence by controlling oil and gas going to these countries, including industrial Germany.  Putin can turn off the supply whenever he wants.

Vladamir Putin continues to show contempt for Socialist President Obama.  It does not help when Obama goes on TV to deny that he drew a red line in the sand.  Putin sees Obama as weak and incompetent, which is true.  Clearly, Putin does not fear Obama, which is dangerous.   We see it by what is happening right now in Syria.   Obama did draw a red line in the sand right through Syria, which is a Russian protectorate.  Even though there is good evidence, Putin will not even acknowledge the use of chemical weapons in Syria.   Putin and his minions are calling Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama "liars" when they say that Assad has used chemical weapons to kill his own people.

Clearly, Vladamir Putin and Russia, ruled by him, is no friend of the United States.   Obama needs to put the missile defense system that he unilaterally pulled out of Eastern Europe, without getting anything in return from Russia, right back at Russia's doorstep in response to Putin's actions in Syria and Iran's intransigence.   It is now time for Obama to go all Chicago on Putin.   As Obama once said if your enemy brings a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.  Was Obama just talking about the American people and Conservatives in the US, in particular, when he made that statement about enemies.  What about our enemies overseas. 

It is time for Obama to demonstrate to Putin that  he is the President of the United States, the most powerful nation on earth; not the ruler of Lithuania.  That means Obama must demonstrate a show of force in Eastern Europe and taking action in Syria and eventually Iran.   Raw power is the only thing Vladamir Putin understands.   Rather than acting like an indecisive wimp, Obama needs to wield some raw power to gain Putin's respect.   It will not happen any other way. 

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