Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 911 & Benghazi

This Blogger was in the New York City area on September 11, 2001.  Matter of fact, we had a client meeting scheduled in New York City at 9 am on that Tuesday morning, in the financial district, that got changed to Wednesday.  As a result, I was out at our Connecticut office on 9/11, however at the precise moment the World Trade Center buildings were coming down, I was on the phone with a client contact, in the middle of it all, who had to end the call to evacuate from his office building.  We will be forever bonded by that phone call. 

To put all of this in perspective, the United States entered the 21st Century with a new President, Bush II, fresh from winning the Cold War.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and many others that came before them, we defeated Godless Communism.   We could look forward to peace and prosperity and then Islamic Fascists, in the name of God, changed everything on 9/11.   Ironically, radical Islamists, profess to act in the name of God, when in fact, it is evil and the devil that drives them to hate Western values and freedom.   These fanatics seek to take their people back 700 years to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East that would enslave women and murder Christians, Jews and everyone else that does not share their particular worship of Allah, a vengeful God who apparently preaches hatred. 

This is not the God of the Book, the Holy Bible and the Koran that billions of Moslem's, Christians and Jews share in common.  Our God would not motivate people to encourage their children to become suicide bombers and to murder others in the name of God.   9/11 changed everything.   We are in a new Hot/Cold War with Radical Islam, not with peace loving, God worshiping Moslem's.  We fight those who preach hatred and kill not only Christians and Jews; but other Moslem's who just want freedom and a future for their children. 

When 9/11 happened, I was unable to get back to the West Coast for about two weeks because air travel was restricted.   We had an all company management meeting scheduled in Chicago a few weeks after 9/11.   There were managers in our company, who asked that I cancel that meeting.  As President and owner of our company, I said absolutely NOT.   I would not allow these Terrorists to alter our way of life.   A few of our managers were afraid to fly and we honored their wishes; but otherwise that meeting went on business as usual.   If we allow these Islamic Fascists to alter our way of life, they win.   We cannot allow that to happen. 

Finally, it was a year ago that Islamic Terrorists murdered four Americans in Benghazi.   Obamanistas, who lied to us about Benghazi, are still involved in a cover up related to that heinous crime.  Though Socialist President Obama's promised Justice after these murders, Justice has still not be done.   The American people will not rest until we get the truth about Benghazi.   It is just one more Obama Scandal that will not go away. 

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