Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama's Syria Policy - Confusing & Dangerous

Socialist President Obama cannot seem to articulate a coherent policy concerning Syria's use of chemical weapons to kill their own people.  This might be the reason that quasi Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin has stepped up into the void in an attempt to give naive and inexperienced Obama a way out of the mess he has created.  First, Obama draws a red line in the sand and then denies he did it.  Like blaming Bush II for everything Obama has messed up, Obama blames the international community, the Congress and the American people for drawing that infamous red line. 

Now that Russia has come up with a plan to secure the chemical weapons in Syria, Obama claims he previously discussed this idea with Putin.  If that is true, why on earth was this not the operative in the first place, rather than threatening military action.   Instead, Obama declared he had to go to Congress to get approval to implement military action.  But what military action?  In order to secure the votes of both Congressional Hawks and Doves, the action was to be enough to degrade Assad's military; but at the same time very small not to constitute anything major.  In fact, the story changed between Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry so many times in a 24 hour period that we have no idea what they are talking about anymore.   Obama has made Kerry look like an irrelevant fool. 

It doesn't matter anyway because once Obamanistas realized that Congress would not approve military action, opposed by the vast majority of the American people, Obama asked that the vote be "postponed" pending diplomatic action.  At the same time, Obama still contends that he needs the approval to use military action.   Is anyone minding the store?

This is the most confusing, incompetent foreign policy fiasco this Blogger can remember in my life time.   It would be a joke if it were not so dangerous.   When the President speaks, any President, he must do so with clarity to prevent miscalculation by other nations that can lead to war.   Obama looks like a blithering idiot to the rest of the world trying to figure out what the hell he is saying and doing. 

In 2008, when running against Hillary Clinton in the Primaries, Clinton ran an ad against Obama showing the phone ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning, making the point that a President with experience better be on the other end of that phone.  Gosh, was Hilly right.   Obama, the Community Organizer and Law Professor is down right clueless and we see it clearly in Obama's words and deeds related to Syria and just about everything else he does. 

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