Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama Destroying The Middle Class

The rich have done pretty well under Obama, since the stock market is strong because major companies have cut costs and people.  The poor have also done well under Obama, if increasing the number of people on the dole is any measurement.  Obama eliminated the work requirement to get Welfare that was signed into law by President Clinton.   There are 20 million more Americans on Food Stamps and 2 million more Americans on Disability benefits, since Obama was elected.  Those on Welfare and Medicaid have increased dramatically on Obama's watch.  The poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II and Jimmy Carter were Presidents.  And, then there is the $2 Billion a year Obama is spending to give free cell phones to his PEEP's.  Those on the dole call them Obama Bucks.  The reality is those Obama Bucks are our hard earned tax dollars Obama has given away to buy votes.  Worse yet, Obama is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar he spends, adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, to fund all his Socialist Schemes. 

The real losers under Obama are Middle Class people, many of whom have lost their jobs, or are working part time that want full time jobs and or they have just given up looking for work altogether.  They are in the 12% or more of Americans, the total unemployed, truly impacted by the lousy economy and poor recovery under Obama.  These people are most impacted by Obama's high taxes and regulations that are killing good jobs that continue to go overseas.  Some of them are private sector Union members, whose manufacturing jobs have been going to China and other countries for years because of high corporate taxes and environmental wacko laws in the US.  The Keystone Pipeline, stalled by Obama, is just the latest example of projects that could provide high paying jobs; but Obama will not allow it to happen. 

In addition, the Middle Class will soon face a double whammy with ObamaCare.   Middle Class income has been declining for years as a result of world competition and federal government policy and laws that retard economic growth and job creation in the US.   Now as many firms end Spouse and Family medical coverage at company expense and or make jobs 29 hour part time positions to avoid the need to provide medical benefits, Middle Class Americans will be forced to buy their own medical insurance, or go without. 

Even with medical insurance, premiums have gone up 80% since 2003 at the same time that Deductibles and Co-Pay's have gone through the roof.  Out of pocket costs for health care for the Middle Class has tripled in the last ten years, while salary increases have been minimal.  Under ObamaCare, the Middle Class will not qualify for subsidies.  Dual income families, in particular, make too much money to get subsidies; yet if they have to pay $10,000 or more a year to buy coverage, one way or another, that was provided in the past by the employer, it will be unfeasible for many.  That is exactly what is coming in 2014.   Families will have to choose between food, heat and medical insurance. 

This is the reason Unions are now screaming.  They finally read the ObamaCare Monstrosity they supported and realize that their members are going to get screwed by ObamaCare.   The Cadillac Benefits, they fought 50 years to get, will be taxed under ObamaCare and or employers are planning on making jobs part time to avoid medical expenses entirely.   Well dah!  What do you think we have all been saying since ObamaCare was enacted.   All of this is a raw deal for the Middle Class, many of whom voted for Obama.   Wonder how those voters feel now. 

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