Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DC Gunman Obsessed With Violent Video Games

Friends of the Aaron Alexis, the Gunman who murdered 12 people at the Naval Base in Washington DC, report that Alexis was obsessed with violent video games.  In fact, Alexis would play in marathon sessions for hours, so much so that his friends would have to bring him food.  What a surprise!!  These Mass Murderers all seem to have a similar profile.  No doubt, we will find out more about Aaron Alexis, who apparently suffered from serious mental issues, in the days ahead.  In addition, the odds are pretty good that he was probably an anti-social loner with family issues.  The fact that Alexis was into violent video games should be no surprise to anyone.  We have seen this story before. 

While the number of Mass Murders have increased in the last ten years, however tragic, they still make up a very small number of murders that occur in the United States.  Far more people are killed by car accidents than by murder in our country.  But, these Mass Murders are always high profile and they make the news much more so than the drug related killings happening every day in our inner cities.  The left wing lame stream media and Socialist politicians always try to turn these Mass Murders into a gun debate, when guns are never the issue.   What we face instead are cultural issues that often tie to the destruction of the family.  Who knows for sure; but a very large number of Americans live in dysfunctional families, plagued by mental disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, financial issues and no father in the home. 

In the Black community, about 73% of Black babies are born out of wedlock.  That number is 40% for Whites and Hispanics.  More often than not, these kids are born into poverty and misery as single moms struggle to care for their children.  Is it any wonder that some large number of these kids do poorly in school and or end up on the streets getting into trouble.   In addition, various states are legalizing marijuana, a gateway drug, that will lead to greater drug use and abuse.   This is not what we need at a time when our country seems to lack a moral compass. 

The Mass Murders we have seen on school campuses and in the workplace are horrible; but we will never stop them from happening if we don't address the societal problems that exist in our country.  Further, these violent video games and movies that promote murder should be seriously restricted and or people who buy, or rent them should be on some sort of registry; no different than buying Sudafed, to get them on a watch list.  Clearly, we must implement Profiling to identify those most likely to commit these heinous crimes. 

Obviously, people with mental illnesses must be identified and treated and should have no access to guns.  Somehow, Aaron Alexis was able to buy a gun legally in the state of Virgina and that was with a background check.  Radical Islamic Fanatics need to be on a watch list to monitor their activities.  And, those with a violent criminal history cannot be allowed to walk free, without some kind of monitoring, after committing serious crimes.  It is time for some common sense.   Guns don't kill people.  People who have serious issues kill people by various means.  Until we face these facts, we will see more Mass Murders that are preventable. 

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