Monday, September 9, 2013

Russia To The Rescue

Savvy Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to make Socialist President Obama look incompetent and weak.  In a game of Chess, Putin is putting a deal together that would transfer Syria's chemical weapons to international control.  Of course, we see no details yet; but theoretically, it would make a military strike by the United States against Syria unnecessary. It would be Russia coming to Obama's rescue; but is it in American interests. 

Syria's Dictator Assad would remain in power, stronger than ever and in a position to use Russian conventional weapons to destroy his opponents.  Hezbollah, the Terrorist Organization supporting Assad and funded by Iran would grow stronger.   Both Russia and Iran would win big in this deal, while the United States, boxed into a corner, would be prevented from degrading Assad's military.   But is that so bad.   Assad is a dictator; but if he is deposed, as happened in Egypt, we are likely to have chaos on Israel's border.   And, there is a pretty good chance that Al Queda will come to power.   How is that good for the United States or Israel. 

The fact that Vladamir Putin is a smarter Geo-political tactician than Obama is obvious.  All should remember that Putin ran the KGB Secret Police in the old Soviet Union.   No doubt, Putin learned a thing or two in that job.  Obama has never run anything, which is the reason his management skills are non existent.  Putin's move is brilliant.  If the deal comes together, Russia and Iran win big.  Yes, presumably we guarantee that those chemical weapons will not be used again, at least for now; but if they are not destroyed altogether, it is very likely that they will surface again at some future date. 

Putin's latest move keeps Assad, their guy, in power.  We will continue to see the slaughter of opposition forces in Syria; but then again many of them are Terrorists that hate the United States and Israel.   So just maybe, the United States will be better off after all.  Only time will tell.   Of course, all of this makes Obama look like an amateur in way, way over his head. 

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