Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obamanistas Destroy Lumber Industry In Oregon

One of the last saw mills in Oregon has closed down because of Obamanista environmental wackos and the EPA Gestapo actions.   The federal government owns more than 80% of forest lands in Oregon, which are off limits to logging because of the spotted owl habitat.  This means that the logging industry, which normally employs 40,000 Americans in Oregon, is now officially dead because they can access no wood to mill.   That is 40,000 more good paying jobs lost because of Obama's EPA.   So now of course, these people are on Welfare and Food Stamps.  Gosh, do you think they will be voting for Socialists like Obama in the future.  And, it just means we will have to import more lumber from overseas.  Really dumb. 

Even Democrats in Oregon are fighting to get this reversed with a bill working its way through Congress, but Obama will likely Veto any bill that allows logging on federal lands in Oregon.   This is insane.   Trees are a renewable resource.   Big logging companies plant two or three trees for every tree they cut down to provide for future growth.   As a result of all the rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, it only takes 8 - 10 years for a clear cut forest to be renewed.   There certainly could and should be a more balanced approach that would both protect habitat for the spotted owl and preserve jobs in Oregon and other places in the US where the Radical EPA is out of control. 

We can curse Richard Nixon for creating the EPA in the first place.   The EPA is the real reason Nixon should have been impeached not Watergate, which compared to the stuff Obama does is nothing.  The EPA is out of control destroying jobs all over the US.   Obviously, there are millions of acres of forest land in Oregon.   How about we log every other ten acres.   I am sure the spotted owl would do just fine if a logical pattern was put in place which included preserving some acreage, while logging others, while at the same time planting trees in clear cut areas.   This is just common sense, something sorely lacking among Obamanistas and radical, tree hugging environmental wackos. 

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