Sunday, September 29, 2013

US House Votes To Delay ObamaCare

In a logical move, the US House of Representatives voted to fund the government and at the same time delay ObamaCare by one year.   If the Socialists in government, including Obama, had a brain in their heads, they would accept this deal because ObamaCare is not ready for prime time.   Even the President used an Executive Order to delay the Employer Mandate for a year.  ObamaCare is such a monstrosity and a mess that it will cause havoc in our health care system.   A one year delay would give Obamanistas time to really think through some of the more crazy rules and regulations. 

But that is not going to happen.   Socialists are so desperate to get more people on the dole, in this case medical insurance subsidies to win more votes in the 2014 election that they will shut down the government to do it.   This Blogger says SHUT IT DOWN.   Who cares.  Let's see what happens.   My guess is that Congress will immediately fund health and safety government workers, the military, air traffic controllers, Medicare and Social Security recipients so they don't miss their checks.   The rest is all government waste anyway. We won't miss them a bit. 

Republicans need to call Obama's bluff.   If he wants ObamaCare so badly, then he will sign the bill delaying ObamaCare one year.   If not, to hell with Obama and the government workers who will lose their paychecks.   Life will go on just fine for the rest of us who have to deal with all the government bureaucracy intrusion into our daily life.   We don't need them.  We don't want them on the payroll anyway. 

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