Sunday, September 8, 2013

Benghazi - Still No Justice

A year has gone by since Terrorists in Libya brutally murdered our Ambassador and 3 other brave Americans.   The day after, Socialist President Obama assured the American people that justice would be done.  One of the Terrorist leaders, who walks free, has been indicted by the Holder Justice Department; but no arrest has been made.   This particular Terrorist has given interviews with three news organizations; but we can't seem to find him in Libya.  Why is that?

Obama's loves using drones to kill Terrorists so why hasn't the President taken care of the Terrorists in Libya that murdered four Americans a year ago.  Perhaps, before we start firing cruise missiles into Syria, the President should take care of business in Libya.  The problem is that Obamanistas, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, lied about the fiasco in Benghazi and they are still not telling the truth today.  In fact, like so many Obama Scandals, there is a cover up happening to keep the truth from the American people.  The White House will not even release the whereabouts of the President the night these murders occurred.   Why is that?

Obama is pushing for military action in Syria as a result of Dictator Assad's use of poison gas on his own people.  As bad as that heinous crime against humanity was, at least no Americans were killed.   The murder of our Ambassador in Libya is an act of war.  It is the first time in more than 30 years that an American Ambassador has been murdered in the field and it happened on Obama's watch because of his weakness and incompetence.  It is time for Obama to act to bring the Terrorists, that murdered American citizens in Libya, to justice.  Certainly, murdered Americans are just as important as murdered Syrians.  First things first. 


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