Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Syria - The Real Story

If it is true that Assad's Syria used chemical weapons to kill their own people, various countries, not just the US, should come together to bomb Syria and degrade as much of their military as possible, even if it is only symbolic.  The red line that was crossed was not just Obama's, it is an international red line.  Using weapons of mass destruction that could be used on Israel or American cities, by Terrorists, cannot be tolerated.   But this story is not about Syria. 

This story is about countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and even Venezuela.  History teaches us that if the United States is weak, our enemies led by dictators, in particular, may miscalculate, which always leads to wider war.   War does not occur when the United States is strong in our resolve.  Historically wider wars have always occurred whenever the United States is weak, which is where we are under Obama.  While I don't have a problem with Congressional Approval to take action in Syria because of the Power of the Purse, which is a Congressional responsibility, the additional time involved is allowing Syria to disburse their military assets, which will make it harder to destroy them. 

On that basis, it would have been better for Obama to act immediately as Commander In Chief by bombing Syria to degrade their military.  Waiting makes Obama and our country look weak and that is dangerous.  Look, there are no good options concerning Syria.  What ever happens, I would not worry about Israel because if they are attacked by Iran or Syria, they will  destroy Syria's military and use whatever options they have to destroy or at least set back Iran's nuclear capability.  Israel has nuclear weapons and they will use them to insure the survival of their country.   Always remember, Never Again, Never Again. 

The fact that Assad has used poison gas to kill his own people, if it is true, is particularly evil to Israeli's because of their history with the Holocaust.  Assad and the Mullahs in Iran are the new Hitler to the Jews, whose relatives were gassed to death by Hitler.  And once again, this is happening just a few hundred miles away from Israel.  Of course, Israel can and will react to these atrocities, if attacked. 

Syria is not the real story.   We are dealing with evil supported by Russia, China and Iran.  The evil empire that Reagan spoke of is not dead.  This is a proxy war being conducted by our enemies.  If we don't act to punish Syria, we embolden our enemies and there will be price to pay, sooner or later.  This Blogger rarely agrees with Socialist President Obama on anything; but this issue is life or death and has little to do with Obama.  It is about the big picture.   This is a national security issue for the United States.   We have to act. 


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