Monday, September 16, 2013

Massacre In Washington DC

Aaron Alexis, a young Black man, formerly in the Naval Reserves, somehow got through security, with a gun, to enter the nation's oldest Naval Base in Washington DC on the Anacostia River, to murder 12 people in cold blood and wound several others.  How could this happen?   Our federal government is spending Billions of dollars every year to provide for the National Defense and our internal security; yet a single gunman was able to enter a Naval Base and commit murder.  Russia warned our government of the Boston Bombers; yet they fell between the cracks to commit their crime.  Naturally, we will hear the enemies of the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms, once again say the problem is gun ownership in America.   B--L S--T.  Timothy McVeigh used a home made bomb to kill many more people when he destroyed that federal building in Oklahoma. 

More than 100 million Americans own guns lawfully.   Most of the crimes committed with guns in the United States are committed by deranged individuals and or drug lords and gang members who often own guns illegally.  But even if a small number of murders are committed with legally purchased guns, it would be by very few legal gun owners.  Clearly, 99.99% of legal gun owners in the United States do not murder anyone; yet the enemies of the Second Amendment continue to try to limit gun ownership.  The reality is that those who choose to murder innocent people will always find a way.   And, if there had been better Security at the Naval Base in Washington DC, this current Mass Murder never would have happened.

Instead of spying on millions of law abiding citizens, perhaps the federal government should focus on those with criminal records, as was the case with this most recent gunman in Washington DC.   In addition, somehow Aaron Alexis, this particular murderer, even had security clearance to work as a government contractor.   How did that happen given his history as a trouble maker in the Navy and afterwards.  Perhaps if the federal government would focus on likely Terrorists, like the Boston Bombers, those with criminal records and or a history of mental illness, instead of law abiding citizens,  we would not have these mass killings.   This story is not about gun ownership, but rather government incompetence. 

We need Profiling to identify those people most likely to commit these mass murders, not Big Brother intruding into every aspect of daily life of law abiding American citizens.  But don't count on it as long as Socialists control our government.   Any kind of Profiling is viewed as Racist, which is ridiculous.   These Mass Murderers come in all colors.   Many of them grew up watching violent video games and movies that glorify murder and make it a game.  Some are Islamic Terrorists with roots to the Middle East.   Some suffer from Mental Illness.  Some are disgruntled Americans who feel persecuted on the job, or otherwise.   The point is that Mass Murderers often have a criminal background, or other indicators that might predict future behaviors.   Why not focus on those most likely to commit these crimes and leave the rest of us alone. 

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