Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Most Unpopular Leader In Congress

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, is the most unpopular of both the Socialist and Republican Leaders of Congress.   Only 33% of people polled approve of the job Reid is doing.   This should be no surprise to anyone.   Reid is the leader of the Socialist Do Nothing Senate.   The Republican controlled House of Representatives has sent over dozens of Bills enacted by the House designed to spur economic growth and create jobs.  Dirty Harry will not even allow those Bills to be debated on the floor of the Senate, let alone come up for vote.   Reid has presided over the least effective Senate in years.   Reid is like Nero watching Rome burn.

We see the story again with the current budget fight and raising the National Debt.  Dirty Harry and all his Socialist pals in government are bankrupting the United States.  The Socialists simply refuse to make meaningful, real cuts in government spending.   And, Socialist absolutely will not deal with the $100 Trillion, or more in the Entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions that will cause the economic collapse of the United States.  In fact, dizzy Nancy Pelosi, the former Socialist Speaker of the House claims that there are no more cuts possible in the nearly $4 Trillion in annual federal spending.  Dirty Harry claims Social Security is just fine.  These characters must be on drugs, or they are just plain liars; maybe both.

Dirty Harry has worked with President Obama to add $7 Trillion to the $17 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight more than any other President in American history.   And, by the time Obama leaves office Dirty Harry and the President will add more to the National Debt than all 43 past Presidents combined.  Is it any wonder that Senator Reid is so unpopular.   Reid is incompetent and should have been thrown out of office long ago.   But Harry Reid controls the state of Nevada by threats and bringing home the bacon.   Hence Dirty Harry, with Union support, has won reelection to the Senate 6 times.  Reid is one of the poster boys for Term Limits, that's for sure.    

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