Friday, September 13, 2013

Putin Lectures Obama

Quasi Dictator Russian President Vladamir Putin, lectured naive and inexperienced, Socialist President Obama in an article in the New York Times.  In a well thought out, well written article, Putin appeared as the elder statesman, rather than the former thug who ran the KGB in the old Soviet Union.  Putin gives Obama a history lesson as he argues against US unilateral military action against Syria.  Putin and Russia, that stands much to gain both from maintaining Syria's dictator Assad in power and from promoting instability in the Middle East to keep oil prices high, clearly is seeking to control this game.

Let us not forget that the only Naval Base Russia has outside of Russian territory is in Syria.  This is the warm water port that Czars of Russia sought for centuries.  Naturally, Putin does not want that gain disrupted, since surely the Rebels in Syria would expel the Russians, if they gain power.  Well dah!!   And, Russia has not really been a player in the Middle East for decades.  Now by arming both Syria and Iran, Russia is relevant as Putin attempts to reestablish Russia as a Super Power around the world. 

Problem is Russia in a economic basket case.  Other than Oil, Natural Gas, Vodka, Military Arms and I was recently reminder Maruska Dolls, Russia has nothing to sell the world.   As such, Russia has an interest in maintaining instability in the Middle East to keep the price of oil high because it is their primary source of income to fund the Russian government and military. 

Vladamir Putin longs for the days of the old Soviet Union, including the empire they controlled.  But Russia is a crumbling country that loses a million people every year.  The only way Putin can be relevant is by military extension where ever possible; otherwise Russia would not be at the table at all.  Russia is certainly not the manufacturing power house of China.  Putin is a little man trying desperately to be Big on the world stage. 

Ironically, in 2009, Obama said of the US that we were just one nation among many, not so Exceptional at all.   Putin agrees in his article saying exactly the same thing.  Yet, in his speech the other day, Obama spoke of American Exceptionalism in another Obama flip flop.  There is no doubt that the United States is the greatest nation ever conceived in human history.  We are indeed an Exceptional nation like no other on earth.  It is however, Obama who is not Exceptional.  In fact, Obama is incompetent and we see it clearly in his confused and dangerous foreign policy.  We can only count the days until Obama is out of office.  Whatever is left of Obama's second term is one day too long.    

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