Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama & That Red Line In The Sand

At a time when Socialist President Obama is trying to sell military action to punish Syria for using chemical weapons to kill their own citizens, Obama declared that the red line he drew in the sand, was not his line.   Must have been George W. Bush who drew the red line, since Obama has blamed everything else on Bush.  Honestly, this recent statement is plain ridiculous.   Obama does not seem to understand that everything he says is on video to be played over and over and over again.  Obama absolutely did draw this red line in the sand.  The words came out of his mouth. 

Now, Obama claims that the red line was drawn by Congress, when years ago they agreed to the treaty banning chemical weapons.  And then, Obama said the red line was drawn by the international community, not him.   Further, Obama went on to say it was not his credibility on the line; but rather the credibility of the American people, Congress and the International Community.  Does Obama ever take responsibility for anything. 

This President just does not seem to understand that words matter, particularly when they come out of his big, inexperienced, naive mouth because Obama is the one and only President of the United States, for three more miserable years anyway.   Obama appears as a wimp when he plays these games.  Russian quasi Dictator Vladamir Putin sees Obama as weak and incompetent, which is true.  Sadly, it is what it is.

Obama better hire some advisers that wear big boy pants because this certainly is not him.  Even Hillary Clinton wore big boy pants compared to Obama.   Obama, the President and Nobel Peace Prize winner is an embarrassment for our country.   Obama would be funny if his incompetence was not so dangerous.   Countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will miscalculate as a result of Obama's weakness, which will lead to a wider war.   The lessons of history are our teacher.  This is not looking good. 

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