Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Divide Within The United States

As we watch the silly drama surrounding enactment of a budget for 2014 and in a few weeks dealing with the Debt Ceiling, what is lost in the translation is the real divide that exists in the United States.  It manifests itself around ObamaCare; but that is not really the issue.  The United States has not faced division like we have today, since the Civil War.   The reality is that about 50% of the people want smaller, limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulation.  And, 50% of the people want an expansive federal government, a nanny state, higher taxes and more regulations.   In general, the Makers in society want less government intrusion into our lives.   And, the Takers and their rich benefactors in the educated elite, which includes the left wing lame stream media want a larger federal government as their ticket to power and riches.  It really is as simple as that. 

What we see happening in Washington today is stalemate that comes from this division.   Short of another Civil War to settle the matter, we are likely to see years of this back and forth struggle until we experience the economic collapse of the United States, which is coming.  When that happens, we will have civil strife on our streets when the Takers in society stop getting their checks, food stamps, subsidized medical care and housing.   While the Socialists will attempt to take more and more from the rich and the Middle Class, as they do in Europe, to support their PEEP's, there is not enough wealth in the United States, even if they took it all, to cover the $100 Trillion plus in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, Disability Benefits, Medicaid, Food Stamps, State and Federal Pensions and all the subsidies going to those on the dole.  So at some point the checks will have to stop.  

That is when all hell will break loose, since 100 million Americans have guns.   Certainly, when and if government breaks down, the Makers in society will act to protect themselves from rampaging Takers.  By the way, this is the real reason Socialists want to prohibit personal gun ownership.   We have seen this story before in history and there is no reason to believe it can't and won't happen in the United States.  It will probably lead to the dissolution of our country as Red States go their own way leaving Blue States to deal with all the Takers in our country.  

I know, I know, this is a pretty gloomy scenario; but given our National Debt with no end in sight, this former student and teacher of history sees no other possible path given the inability, or unwillingness of our elected officials to deal with the deficit spending that is bankrupting our country.   Why should we believe that the United States will not follow the path of Greece, or the old Soviet Union. 

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