Thursday, October 24, 2013

Congressman Alan Grayson - Socialist Wacko & Bomb Thrower

Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida, a millionaire, is a Socialist Wacko and bomb thrower; but not that much different than many other big mouth Socialists in Congress.  Grayson is just more outspoken in expressing his views.   In his latest tirade, Grayson is running ads to raise money for his Congressional Campaign equating the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Clan.  Other Socialists and the lame stream, left wing media have said worse; but Grayson is actually running TV commercials with this ridiculous claim.  But this is not the first time Grayson has said inflammatory things.  In defending ObamaCare, Grayson said that Republicans version of health care was just to tell Americans to die. 

Obamanistas are trying to make the case that those of us that believe in Limited Constitutional Government, a Balanced Budget and paying off our National Debt, lower taxes and less regulation are both racist and radical.   By this measurement, all of our Founding Fathers would be both racist and radical.  Actually, in the context of their times, our Founding Fathers were radical because they were advocating FREEDOM from oppressive government.   But today to make that claim is utterly absurd. 

However, it does show radical Socialist thinking in it rawest form.   Alan Grayson lost when he ran for Congress four years ago; but then won his seat back by throwing loads of personal money into the contest beating out Tea Party favorite Alan West, a great, Black American, war hero and a patriot.   The people of his district in Florida re-elected Grayson, a true nut case.   Hopefully, they will see the light in 2014 and send this Socialist character packing.  Florida voters can do a lot better; that's for sure. 

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