Monday, October 7, 2013

ATF Blocks Whistle Blower Book

The federal Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the agency involved with selling more than 2,000 guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, is trying to block Agent John Dodson from writing his tell all book about Fast and Furious because it would be "bad for morale" at varioius govenrment agencies.  Since when does the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech have anything to do with the morale of a government employee, particularly those that are crooks, incompetent, or involved in a scandal.   It is very clear that Obamanistas in the Holder Justice Department do not want the truth to see the light of day about this Obama Scandal, or any of the others still under investigation. 

Since Agent Dodson is still an employee of the federal government, subject to rules of work that require approval for him to do anything else, the ATF is over reaching in attempting to silence him.   The American Civil Liberties Union has taken up the case, which no doubt will end up in court.  This is not a National Security issue,  just a big government screw up that makes a lot of government employees look really bad and incompetent.  Gosh,  if that is the measurement standard for what can be printed about the government, then nothing can be said at all. 

Sadly, this particular screw up resulted in the Mexican Drug Cartel using these weapons to murder a US government border patrol officer and many others.   Heads should roll in the Holder Justice Department, including Eric Holder, the Attorney General himself, but of course that will not happen because no one in the Obama Administration takes responsibility for anything.  Holder is a liar and a perjurer; yet he remains in office.  Obama should fire Holder; but that will not happen any time soon because Holder is no different than Obama himself.   In the mean time, Obamanistas continue the Fast and Furious cover up.   Nothing new to report!!

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