Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama's Legacy - Bad Times in America & The World

After the dismal Carter years, Ronald Reagan brought us Morning In America, 20 million new jobs and an end to the Cold War.   As we count the days to the end of the Obama Presidency, which can't come soon enough, we will look back on Obama's eight years as Bad Times in America and the World.  Aside from a personal like, or dislike of Obama, cards talk and numbers don't lie.  We now have the highest poverty rate in the United States in decades with 50 million people on Food Stamps and millions more on Welfare and Disability Benefits as a result of Obama's failed economic policy.  Blacks in particular are far worse off now than the day Bush II left office.  And, our labor participation rate is the lowest in years as more and more people just drop out of the workforce.

By the time Obama leaves office, he will have added $10 Trillion to our National Debt, bringing it to $20 Trillion, more than all 43 other Presidents combined, which is double what he found when he took office, with no end in sight.  Under Obama's watch, the United States has lost our Triple AAA Credit Rating.   Most likely, there will be no Entitlement Reform so Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, local, state and federal pensions will be that much closer to insolvency.   All this means that the United States is heading toward economic collapse, made worse by Obama and all of his crazy, job killing Socialist Schemes. 

And, then there are all the Obama Scandals; IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA spying on all Americans, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Crony Capitalism and using the Justice Department to extort monies from companies under threat of criminal investigation.   Our nation is more divided today than since the Civil War because of Obama's antics. 

In addition, ObamaCare, the President's crowning achievement is destroying the best health care system in the world.   When all is said and done, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 30 million Americans will still be without health insurance so nothing but chaos will have been accomplished by the federal government taking over one sixth of the US economy.  

Finally, US standing in the world is in shambles because of Obama's inexperience and incompetence.   The Middle East is a mess.  Terrorism is no more contained.   Our allies distrust the United States.  The Euro Zone is facing bankruptcy and may fall apart.  Russia, Iran and China are stronger.  There is no doubt that our country is weaker today than when Obama first took office.  

This is all Obama's legacy.   Socialist President Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history.   The next President, whether Socialist or Republican, will have to dig our nation out of the deep ditch Obama will have left behind.  The only good news from all of this is that Progressivism, the politically correct word for Socialism, will have been completely discredited.   After 8 years of Obama misery, just maybe the era of big government will finally be over; though there will always be Socialists and Communists lurking around that will never give up their efforts to destroy our nation. 

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