Monday, October 21, 2013

Obama's Goal - Destroy The Republican Party

Socialist President Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party and in particular Conservatives within it because we stand in the way of Obama's plan to transform the United States into a Socialist nation.  Obama may succeed; but what will surface will be an even more Conservative Party than exists now because we are not going away any time soon.   In fact, we are more energized than ever as a result of Obama's Socialist Schemes that will destroy our country. 

However, in the short term, just imagine if Obama gains control of both Houses of Congress in 2014 during his last two years in office.  Last time, we got ObamaCare.  If it happens again, we will see even more job killer regulations and much higher taxes on all Americans.  The Socialists will move quickly to limit energy production, curtail gun rights, open our borders and limit our freedoms, including destroying First Amendment rights related to freedom of speech, religion and the press.  

Obama is already using the National Security Administration to spy on all of us.  The IRS, the EPA and Health and Human Services are in place as Obama's Gestapos to control all aspects of daily life.  It is already happening.   The IRS and Health and Human Services will control our health care and our money.   The EPA will take control of our real property in the name of clean air and water.   And, the EPA will use those same laws to control industry.   Don't think it can't happen because it is already happening.  

The Supreme Court proved during the ObamaCare case that they will do little or nothing to stop all of this from happening.   Checks and balances are dead.  Ultimately, the Socialists will bankrupt the United States and cause the economic collapse of our nation.  When it happens, there will be civil strife on our streets.  But Socialists don't care because they will use the "crisis" to take even more control over daily life.   Homeland Security is not buying all those Assault Rifles and ammunition to come to a Tea Party Rally.  Socialists see the storm that is coming.  We see all the Obama Scandals as the preview of what lies ahead if the Socialists regain control of both Houses of Congress.   The investigations will end and Obama will have a free hand, as a Dictator, to do whatever he wants. 

The lame stream left wing media will do nothing to report on Obama's abuse of power because they support his Socialist Schemes.   As Ronald Reagan always said, "we are just one generation away from losing our freedom."   We can't let that happen so we must be diligent in fighting at every turn to protect our freedoms.  Obama may succeed in destroying the Republican Party; but WE THE PEOPLE are not going away.   If allowed to become one, Obama will take dictatorial power.   It is already happening.  Socialism and Obama are evil and evil can never be allowed to prevail.  Our Founding Fathers fought to give us freedom.   The day will come when once again, we must stand up to these Socialists tyrants, at all levels of goverment and Just Say, No More. 

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