Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Members Of Congress - Feeding At The Trough

This Blogger has asked the question many times, how is it possible for Members of Congress, required to maintain two homes, earning $174,000 a year to become millionaires after serving several years in office.   These characters of both political parties continue feeding at the trough at our expense.   A recent report has indicated that Congressmen and Senators use campaign monies and Political Action Committees that they set up as slush funds to feed their personal bank accounts and lavish life styles.   This is the reason we often have politicians in office for life living high on the hog in Washington DC.   They would never make this kind of money in business because they are not willing to take risks and work that hard. 

No one makes this case better than Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Majority Leader who lives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  Reid is a millionaire after more than 36 years in office.   The Senator claims that his money came from his law practice more than 36 years ago.  This of course is B--L S--T.   Reid has milked the system every way he can including positioning his family members in Washington DC as paid lobbyists earning millions of dollars each year and favorable real estate deals in Nevada that involved federally funded road projects to enhance the value of his desert properties.  Reid has also sell his worthless book to his campaign to hand out as gifts. 

But, no doubt Dirty Harry Reid is just one of many of these characters getting rich from his years in office.   Many of these Congressmen and Senators are crooks.   This is the reason we really, really need Term Limits.  Our Founding Fathers never intended that we would have career politicians that did this for a living.   We were supposed to have citizen politicians that went to Washington for a few terms and then went home.   And, that is how it worked for years until the gravy train became apparent.  

It has to stop.   We need a Constitutional Amendment to make Term Limits the law of the land.   Two terms for the Senate and six terms for the House, or twelve years in office is plenty.  Let them go home and live under the crazy laws they enact so they can see the misery that they cause across our country. 

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