Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obama Can't Be Trusted To Cut Spending

Socialist President Obama claims that he is willing to "compromise" later; but not now related to cutting government spending to get a budget and Debt Ceiling deal.  Everyone in Washington knows that Obama is a liar who can't be trusted.   We don't call Obama President Pinocchio for nothing.   The Republicans in the House of Representatives have learned the hard way that the only way to get spending cuts, without tax increases, is to tie those cuts to funding the government and raising the National Debt Ceiling.

Socialists will never willingly come to the table when it comes to slashing the size of government.   All Socialists know how to do is tax, borrow and spend our money to put even more people on the dole to win votes.   Obama has added $7 Trillion to our $17 Trillion National Debt, in just his first five years in office, more than all 43 other Presidents combined since the founding of our nation.   Based on Obama's current spending trajectory, the National Debt will grow to $20 Trillion by the time his nightmare Presidency is over, with no end in sight until the financial collapse of the United States happens. 

This does not include the $100 Trillion, or more, sitting out there in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, Disability Benefits and state and federal pensions.   There is no plan in place to deal with these Entitlements that will absolutely bankrupt our country.  The Socialists, including Obama, will not even discuss reform of these programs to cut future expenditures. 

So why on earth should Republicans, or for that matter any thinking American believe Obama, or his Socialist pals in Congress.   Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or history teaches us even murder to stay in office feeding at the trough.  Actions speak much louder than words.  These characters have all been feeding at the trough for years, adding to our National Debt, to take care of their PEEP's to win elections.  So what's new??  

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