Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taxing The Internet - Another Socialist Idea

Every once in a while some left wing Socialist nut talks about taxing the Internet and emails.  Once again, Gordon Wozniak, a City Councilman from radical Berkeley, California is suggesting that states should tax the Internet as a new source of revenues.   Since we already pay taxes on everything we earn, do, own, and drive and at death, it should be no surprise that Socialists would propose a new tax on the Internet, which has fast become an important aspect of daily life.   What is lost in the translation is that it is already happening since the lines used to connect to the Internet come with all sorts of taxes. 

But since the Post Office is becoming obsolete as a result of email, these job killing morons want us to pay to send an email.   They will ask for just a penny to start with; but even at a penny, can you even imagine what the cost would be on a monthly basis.   It would cost the American people billions of dollars each year.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO.   No taxation without elected Representatives with a brain. 

Fortunately, Republican Senators Kelly Ayotte and Dean Heller, my Senator from Nevada have introduced legislation in the Senate to permanantly prohibit any federal, state or local taxes on the Internet.  Let's see if Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the majority leader of the Senate will let that bill come to the floor.  Don't count on it. 

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