Saturday, March 9, 2013

Obama Orders Departments - Make Life Miserable

Socialist President Obama has ordered all federal departments to make life miserable for the American people just because he did not get his additional tax increases and the Sequester, cutting just $85 Billion (peanuts) out of nearly $4 Trillion that will be spent in 2013, kicked in on March 1.  Instead of properly managing this 2% cut in spending by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse that is rampant in Washington DC, Obama wants these cuts to be highly visible and as painful as possible for the American People.  This Man Child President continues to demonstrate that he is a spoiled brat that needs a good spanking. 

To make his case, Socialist President Obama eliminated tours of the White House to show the impact of cutting spending, yet the Obama's have no problem taking vacations at taxpayer expense and lots of them.   It is estimated that the little trip Obama took to Florida to golf with Tiger Woods, cost taxpayers about a $1 million.  At the same time Obama was enjoying himself in Florida, the First Lady took the kids skiing someplace else on their private jet.   This is just after the Obama's came back from Hawaii a few months ago. 

All of this vacationing probably cost the American tax payer $5 million, or more a year because it cost $180,000 per hour just to take Air Force One on these little jaunts.  That does not include the cost of the entourage that must travel with the President and First Lady.  So while the American people are suffering, the Obama's are living the high life.  Sounds a lot like Marie Antoinette, when she said of the common people, "Let them eat cake", when they were starving.  Of course, eventually it cost her her head in the French Revolution.   

Now we hear of national park closures, lines at airports and a delay in getting tax refunds.   Funny, the IRS has no problem collecting all sorts of news taxes in ObamaCare and the Fiscal Cliff Deal; but they can't get around to processing tax refunds on time.   Go figure.  It is time for a Congressional Investigation calling Department Heads in to testify, on the carpet so to speak, to see who gave the order to make life miserable.  One guess, his initials are BHO. 

Apparently, the cuts Obama is talking about don't apply to them or their entourage.   The President and Mrs. Obama have a huge staff, including dozens of minions, to cater to their every need.  Not even Queen Elizabeth has so many staff members.  The President has loads of advisers, even though that is what cabinet officers are supposed to be doing.  Let's face it, those cushy jobs at salaries above $100,000 are pay-offs to their political supporters.  All Presidents do it; but the Obama's just do it more.   And, then there are all those government private jets that various cabinet officers and members of Congress have at their disposal to travel at will.  No wonder they are not worried about lines at our airports.  Why not make then fly coach like the rest of us if they really want to cut spending. 

Man Child Socialist President Obama fails to understand his job as the CEO of our country.   His job is to insure that the government functions properly.   Cutting just 2% out of spending in 2013 should be no big deal.  It is pencil money.   The Republicans in Congress are prepared to give the President flexibility to avoid across the board spending cuts; but Obama has declined the offer because it would mean he would have to do his job to pick and choose cuts that make sense; but would not necessarily inconvenience the American People, or cause them pain and suffering.  

Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if we had a President, that wore big boy pants, who understood his responsibilities instead of a man in office that is an immature, incompetent big mouth.   Oh well, 51% of the American people, you voted for Obama.  Don't blame the other 48% of us that voted for Romney.  We voted for President. Obama supporters voted for a Demagogue and rock star and here we are. 

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