Friday, March 15, 2013

Missile Defense - Back On Track

After cutting Missile Defense, Socialist President Obama has authorized about $1 Billion to fund new missile defense in Alaska and along the East and West coast of the US to defend against potential nuclear missiles fired from North Korea.   While such an assault by North Korea would be national suicide, it does not lesson the threat from this rogue nation.  Now, Obama claims Iran may only be a year away from developing nuclear weapons, as well.   So much for sanctions that have never worked.  North Korea is giving Iran the missiles to carry those weapons to Israel or Europe.  

Yet, Obama cut the missile defense system that was scheduled to go into Poland and the Czech Republic to protect Europe to please the Russians without getting a thing in return.  Pretty dumb.   Remember Star Wars, the derogative name Socialists and the lame stream left wing media gave to President Ronald Reagan's idea to create a missile defense shield to shoot down incoming missiles.   Thank God for President Reagan who foresaw this day when the US would face threats from rogue nations run by lunatics.   However, you will never hear Socialists thank Reagan for his foresight. 

Oh, how we long for the days when Ronald Reagan was President.   The economy was booming.   Reagan implemented Peace through Strength to end the Cold War and bring down Communism.  Reagan was the Great Communicator who unified our country.   Instead, today we have Drama Obama who turns everything, but the Debt Crisis, which really is a Crisis, into a Crisis.  Poverty is up under Obama and growing.   The Middle Class is earning less.   More than 20 million Americans are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.   Our National Debt is at $17 Trillion, with no end in sight, as we head toward bankruptcy and financial collapse.   Yes, it was the good old days when Ronald Reagan was President, a whole lot better than today.  

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