Saturday, March 2, 2013

Government Is Broken - Time For Change

Albert Einstein is reported to have said "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity".   The American taxpayer, through our elected representatives at the local, state and federal level, has spent trillions of dollars in the last 100 years, trying to eliminate poverty and yet the poverty rate today, under Socialist President Obama, is higher than ever.  It is clear that many government programs create dependency, rather than changing lives so why are they just continued year after year. 

The whole Sequestration mess, hyped up by Drama Obama, just demonstrates that the federal government is broken.  The same can be said for many bankrupt states and cities.  Our democracy is plagued by waste, fraud and abuse at every level of government.  In addition, we have redundancy at all levels of government as many agencies, commissions, programs and departments exist for the sole purpose of creating high paying government jobs and limiting our freedom.  

Education is the best example of many.   We have the federal Department of Education, employing 5,000 bureaucrats in business to dole out $68 Billion this year.   Then there are state departments of education, county departments of education and finally local school districts, actually charged with educating children, that receive both federal monies along with state and local monies.   Several hundred Billion dollars a year and maybe much more is spent on Administration in the name of benefiting children, when in fact the real benefit goes to all the bureaucrats on the payroll that then collect fat retirement pensions at our expense.  

Just about every federal government Department has a state counterpart to deal with the federal government bureaucracy.   We are choking in government that we just don't need.   The only way to stop it is to starve the beast of revenues by lowering taxes in order to force elimination of redundant agencies, commissions, programs and departments so that real prioritization takes place.   The whole Sequestration fiasco was just side show.   We need to cut Trillions of dollars in wasteful spending in the next ten years to get our fiscal house in order to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States. 

And, it is clear that we can't depend on our elected representatives, of both political parties, feeding at the trough, to get the job done.   For that reason, we need a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment at the federal level; but also in each state to prevent politicians from borrowing to fund annual operating expenses to buy votes to win elections.   And, we need Term Limits for members of Congress to help end the corruption in Washington DC.  

We have to go back to citizen representatives, as was intended by our Founding Fathers, rather than corrupt politicians in office for life, feeding at the trough, that is wrecking our country.   It is time for change and We The People must make it happen because our elected representatives will never give up their power willingly and the wealth they amass from it.   

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