Friday, March 22, 2013

ObamaCare - Three Years Later

ObamaCare is officially three years old.  And, we know now that we were sold a bill of goods by President Obama and his Socialist Pals in Congress.   Remember, it was dizzy Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who is very light in her high heel pumps, who told us "we need to enact ObamaCare to know what is in it".   Of course, all Socialists that voted for ObamaCare did not bother to read the 2700 page monstrosity.   And, you can also bet they have not read the 20,000, or more pages of regulations, that have followed written by the Department of Health and Human Services that will make life miserably for the American people. 

We know now that it was all lies and smoke and mirrors.  ObamaCare was supposed to be paid for by a Trillion dollars in new taxes and taking $700 Billion out of Medicare, when in fact it will add $2 Trillion to our National Debt in the next ten years at the same time that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt.   Pretty dumb!!  

And, Obama promised all Americans "if they like their doctor, they can keep their doctor".   "If they like their current insurance plan, they can keep their current insurance plan".   This is all on video so there in no denying Obama's assertions.   Sadly, Obama was full of S---T on this issue like so many other of his lies.  The reality is that millions of Americans and their families are going to lose their current plans and then all bets are off.   This is happening because insurance premiums are going up dramatically as a result of Obama's "free" mandates.   The insurance companies are just raising premiums to cover Obama's "free services", elimination of pre existing conditions to deny coverage and the removal of the cap on life time benefits.  

Folks, there ain't no free ride when all is said and done.   Many small and mid sized companies will just pay the $2,000 fines because they cannot afford to insure their employees any more.   When that happens, employees will be on their own to face sky rocketing insurance premiums on the government exchanges.   Just wait and see.  It is coming next year. 

So what we know three years later is that ObamaCare is a tsunami that is going to hit the American people like a destructive tidal wave in 2014.   This Blogger, as well as many others, have sounded alarm bells about ObamaCare before it was enacted and during the last three years.   Next January, we will face this national disaster.   It is coming.   For those of you that voted for Obama, you will soon see that elections have consequences when you get what you deserve.   Too bad the rest of us have to suffer as well. 

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