Monday, March 11, 2013

Republicans Again Trying To Repeal ObamaCare

Republicans, the only adults in Congress with any common sense, are once again trying to repeal ObamaCare.  Led by Congressman Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives and Senator Ted Cruz in the Senate, both Republican young guns pushing for Repeal because it is impossible to Balance the Federal Budget in the next 10 years, while adding the new ObamaCare unfunded Entitlement.   This is especially the case because ObamaCare was predicated on smoke and mirrors by President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress when they voted for the bill without actually reading it. 

Americans are in for a rude awakening next year if ObamaCare is allowed to kick in.   Companies with more than 50 employees are only required to provide insurance for their employees; not their employees families to avoid being fined.   Since medical premiums are going through the roof, as a result of Obama's "free medical services" many employees will lose coverage for their families at company expense.   Other companies will just pay the $2,000 fine and stop providing medical insurance coverage altogether. 

In addition, millions of Senior Citizens are going to lose their Medicare Advantage HMO programs at little or no costs.   Those programs may still be offered by insurance companies; but premiums will go up dramatically, making Medicare Advantage unaffordable for most Seniors that have it today.   That means they will be on straight Medicare, which does not cover all the benefits provided by Medicare Advantage programs.   So many Seniors are going to see their cost for medical care go up dramatically.  In fact, Obama stole over $700 Billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.   As a result, many Seniors will have a hard time getting a doctor to see them as many doctors and hospitals will no longer take Medicare, since the payments to them are so low. 

Further, all Socialist Governors and 7 or 8 goofy Republican Governors have agreed to expand Medicaid coverage for their state residents putting millions more on Medicaid.   They all did this because for the first few years, the federal government will cover 100% of the cost; but then after that, the states must pick up a percentage of the cost, which will bankrupt many states and or require huge tax increases.   This one is about as dumb as it gets.  

Forget about the impact of the Sequester cutting 2% of federal spending over the next ten years.   In 2014, if ObamaCare is allowed to kick in, it will negatively impact all Americans currently with company covered insurance, or on Medicare.   This is the Titanic heading toward the Iceberg.   Let's hope that after the collision occurs and it will occur, that Captain Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress go down with the ship in 2014. 

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