Monday, March 11, 2013

2016 - Clinton & Bush - Hope Not

There is some talk that we may see a run by Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush for the Presidency in 2016.   So if it happens, we would have another Clinton/Bush election.  This Blogger hopes not.   Hillary Clinton did an Ok job as Secretary of State and there is no doubt that she would have made a better President than Man/Child Barack Obama; but the Clinton's are old news.   There is no doubt that Jeb Bush is the smarter and more articulate than his brother George W Bush and probably would have made a better President; but I think two Bush's in the White House is quite enough. 

Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are Establishment Politicians at a time when we really need new ideas and fresh blood.  These characters are part of the problem and not part of the solution.   Government is badly broken.  Business as usual will not fix it.   We need one of the young guns in the Republican Party to rise up and take control of the Party and our nation.   Specific to all Socialists, none of them have had a new idea since the New Deal, so it really does not matter who they nominate.   It will be same old, same old, tax, borrow and spend policies.  But, a fresh face would be nice there too.   The old dinosaurs are getting really old. 

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