Friday, March 29, 2013

Obama & Infrastructure Spending

Socialist President Obama is pushing for more SwindleUS, borrowed money, for infrastructure spending instead of finding cuts in spending to pay for it.   We should spend more money on bridges, roads, airports etc, but there is no need to borrow money to do it.   We need to slow the growth of the federal government by using attrition to cut 500,000 jobs out of the current 2.65 million federal civilian employees.   This does not involve lay-offs, just a hiring freeze so that we don't replace bureaucrats who leave, retire or die.   What's the big deal?   We will never miss them, believe me.   Just maybe the bureaucrats remaining will have to work a full day and or do more meaningful work than some of the stupid stuff they do today.

Further, we need to bring all government employees in line with compensation and benefits paid in the private sector for like work.   Today, they earn about 40% more.   That would give both the federal government and state and local governments more money to spend on infrastructure.  The money is there to invest in America; but we have to deal with shrinking the size of government to access it. 

And, then there are the billions of dollars every year we spend on foreign aid.   Do we really need to give the corrupt Palestinian Authority another $500 million, or $250 million to Egypt, as was just announced, or the $2 Billion we give Pakistan each year.   A lot of that money ends up in Swiss Bank Accounts anyway.   These people hate us.   When will we learn that we can't buy love.  

After we deal with the waste, fraud and abuse in both the federal and state governments, there will be plenty of money for infrastructure spending.   It is time for common sense in government, not higher taxes and more regulations, to grow our economy and create jobs.   We also need an all of the above energy plan that includes carbon and nuclear based energy to make our country energy independent once and for all and create millions of jobs.  

None of these things will happen as long as Drama Obama is President and his Socialist pals control any House of Congress.   So, we are in for more years of misery and deficit spending.   It is what it is. 

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