Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gun Control & Politics Collide

Socialist Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid has pulled Senator Diane Feinstein's Bill to Control Guns and Ban so called Assault Weapons, or those with magazines of 10 or more, from a vote because only 40 out of 55 Democrats support it and most if not all Republicans would be opposed.  The fact is the Socialists in the Senate could not pass this bill and it would have gone no where in the Republican controlled House of Representatives anyway.   Gun Control and Politics have collided and Politics won out.  

More than 20 Socialist Senate seats are up in 2014; double the number of Republican seats that are up for reelection.   Some of these Senators come from Red or Purple states that voted for Romney.   And, more than 100 million Americans own guns.   Those of us that cling to our guns and religion are not likely to vote for a Socialist anyway; but Socialists in these swing states need Independents, that also own guns, to win.   The last thing Dirty Harry Reid wanted was a vote on this issue that Republicans and the 5 million member National Rifle Association could hang around the necks of Socialists in Red or Purple states potentially costing Socialists the Senate.

Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, borrow or steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.   Principles, if they have any at all, go by the wayside to win votes.   Socialists will do anything, or say anything to stay in office.   The 99.999% of us that own guns are law abiding citizens and Socialists know it so why poke the bear, particularly since nothing was achieved in the ten year period we already had a ban on assault weapons.   Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is much more concerned about keeping his cushy job as Senate Majority Leader than banning assault weapons.   Well dah!!

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