Monday, March 18, 2013

Environmental Protection Agency - National Job Killer

During the last 40 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has done everything it could to destroy the copper mining, steel, textile, furniture, coal mining and forest products industries in the US by issuing regulations that made it impossible for these manufacturing processes to continue in the United States.   These were good paying, often union jobs, that are gone forever. 

Now, the EPA is focused on all carbon based and nuclear energy sources at a time when we have a real opportunity to make the United States energy independent in the next ten years to finally free our nation from the quagmire in the Middle East.  In addition, the Energy Sector may be our only hope at restoring good paying, desperately needed manufacturing jobs in the US.   Further, we need the taxes that could come from energy production in the US to pay down our National Debt and stop the fiscal insanity in Washington DC.   A lot is riding on all of this. 

However, rather than investing money in research to make carbon based and nuclear energy safer, cheaper and more available, Obamanistas continue to chase wind mills, literally, as Obama is calling for $2 Billion more to be spent on green energy boondoggles.   This Blogger has no problem with green energy long term, but there is no way to power a modern industrial economy with current technology.   We need carbon based and nuclear energy to power all those electric cars that Obama keeps pushing that no one wants to buy not more Crony Capitalism with billions going to Obama supporters.

We need an Environmental Solutions Agency in business to make it easier to manufacture in the US, not impossible.   That does not mean accepting dirty air or water; but rather cleaner technology, perhaps yet to be invented.   None of this will happen as long radical environmentalists are in the White House and our government.  It is time for common sense, not more radical, tree hugging ideology that is killing millions of jobs.  Let's start with building the Keystone Pipeline to get Canadian oil to our refineries on the Gulf Coast.   If we don't do it, that oil will end up in China.   Then who wins, certainly not the American people. 

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