Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama's Foreign Policy - A Complete Failure

President Richard Nixon used to say that the rest of the world needed to think that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the button never needed to be pushed.   Unfortunately, Socialist President Obama took that option off the table when he stated early on his Presidency that the United States would never be the first to use nuclear weapons.   Even if that is true, the President giving his hand away is pretty darn stupid and naive.  

Nobody in the world fears Barack Obama, which is the reason North Korea, run by a tin horn dictator, threatens to nuke our country without any consequence.   As a result, we are now scurrying to build additional missile defense to protect our homeland.  Obama announces that using chemical weapons in Syria would be a "line in the sand".   Really, or what will happen.   Reportedly, after killing more than 70,000 of their own citizens, the Syrian Dictator Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people.   The best Obama can say is now we have to investigate if in fact it is true.   And, again if it is true, then what.    The Iranians continue to develop nuclear weapons in spite of severe sanctions that are not working.   Even Obama now says that Iran is within a year of having nuclear weapons.   How can the President even make that statement and then take no military action, when Obama has said we will never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.   Words matter if the President is to have any credibility. 

DramaObama is gutting our military and destroying our nuclear deterrent.   Yes, it is good that Obama will use Drones outside the US to kill Terrorists; but that is about the only good thing about Obama's foreign policy.   The murder of our Ambassador and others in Benghazi is a result of Obama's weakness and leading from behind.   It is just to bad that Americans had to die because of Obama's incompetence.   Now of course, Obamanistas continue to cover up the truth about Benghazi.   They blew it and it caused these murders.   That is the truth. 

Since Obama was abandoned by his mother and philandering father, he has a need to be loved.   But, as Machiavelli asked in his book the Prince, "is it better for the Prince to be feared or loved."   As it relates to foreign policy, this Blogger knows it is much better and safer for an American President to be feared because it is the only way to protect our country and guarantee our National Security.  

Socialist President Obama has made a mess of our economy and our foreign policy.   Obama went on his apology tour in the Middle East and we see the end result in North Africa as the Arab Spring has turned into a Winter nightmare.  Let's just hope that more Americans don't have to die because of Obama's naive incompetence; but I would not bet on it.  

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