Sunday, March 17, 2013

Left Pushing Gun Ban and Constitutional Limits

Let's face it, Socialists like President Obama and his pals in government have been pushing limits on Constitutional Rights for years.   Even though the Bill of Rights guarantees us the right to freedom of Speech, Religion and the Right to Bear Arms, the left and the lame stream media have done everything they can to limit our rights for years.   God forbid anyone on a public school campus, that we pay for, mentions the word God.  The left never understood the notion of Separation of Church and State.   What was supposed to happen is that government was not allowed to limit our religious rights.  Instead, government has done everything possible to take away our religious rights.

And, then there is politically correct speech, particularly on college campuses.   Those of us who are pro-life are probably guilty of a hate crime for calling abortion the murder and infanticide that it truly is.   If we oppose Gay Marriage and instead support Civil Unions, like this Blogger, no doubt we have violated someone's rights and therefore are not allowed to say it.   Of course, this is all B---S--- and a violation of our rights. 

Finally, Socialists really want to ban all guns because they fear an armed populace that may revolt one day against their tyrannical dictates.   This is the reason Obama is buying thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security.   They see civil strife coming because they are causing the bankruptcy of the United States.  That is the real story.   But, they talk instead about banning assault rifles and guns with magazines larger than 10 rounds.   All of this is a violation of the Second Amendment, which guarantees our right to own guns commonly in use today, without limits.  

So rather than deal with criminals, gang bangers and lunatics that get their hands on guns and kill people, by enforcing guns laws already on the books, Socialists want to limit the rights of the other 99.999% of us that are law abiding citizens.   To that we must stand up and say HELL NO.   Yes, we are the people Obama spoke of when he said we cling to our Guns and Religion; but it is not out of "resentment" or any evil intention, it is because we fear an over reaching government run by Socialists, Fascists and Communists.  We learned the lessons of history well.   We know the end of the story and it is not pretty.   Our Founding Fathers knew the end of the story as well, which is the reason they included the Right to Bear Arms as the Second Amendment in our the Bill of Rights. 

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