Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giving Money To Egypt - CRAZY

The same week that Socialist President Obama told us that we would face Armageddon if the Sequester kicked in requiring a cut of $85 billion in federal spending over the next 12 months, his Secretary of State Long John Kerry, announced $60 million going to the rebels in Syria and more importantly, $250 million going to the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi.  This is after we announced that we were sending tanks and planes to Egypt.   Morsi is the same guy who has said that Jews come from apes and pigs as his hatred of our ally Israel is legend.   This is CRAZY.

Morsi is establishing a Fascist Islamic Republic in Egypt.  Though he was elected, he is quickly becoming a Dictator.  You can bet that some of the taxpayer money we are giving him as a bribe and that is what it is, will not only end up in his Swiss bank account, Morsi will provide support for Terrorists, Hamas and Hezbollah, to attack Israel, not to mention Al Queda Terrorists that would murder Americans given the opportunity.   The last thing we should be doing is supporting Morsi.  In fact, we should be doing everything possible to support the opposition in Egypt.   Giving Morsi money, planes and tanks is about as dumb as it gets. 

What is even dumber is that we have to borrow money from the Chinese and others to provide foreign aid to other countries adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, at a time when we must cut spending in the United States.   Well dah!  As Forest Gump always said, Stupid is as Stupid Does.   Instead, we should encourage American NGO's, Non Governmental Organizations, using private money, to provide humanitarian  relief directly to people in need in poor countries so the money does not end up in Swiss bank accounts.  Otherwise, let the Chinese, Saudi's and others throw their money down a rat hole.   We should spend our money on National Defense to make sure we can defend our country. 

Congress should end foreign aid to countries where people hate us and or where some of the money will end up in Terrorist hands.   Countries in North Africa and Pakistan would be at the top of the list.  It is time for some common sense, a rare commodity in Washington DC. 

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