Friday, March 8, 2013

Senator Rand Paul - Anti Establishment Republican

We are starting to see a number of young guns taking over the Republican Party in Washington DC.   Senator Rand Paul of Tennessee, son of Ron Paul, is just one of a number of Republicans that are becoming the new face of the Republican Party.  And, it is about time.   The last person we need to see on TV on Sunday mornings is RINO John McCain.  Though McCain will always get credit for his years in Viet Nam as a Prisoner of War, it is time for this dinosaur to move off the stage and go quietly into a rich retirement.  

Both Socialists and Republicans make the case for Term Limits.  People like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina need to call it a decade, or three and retire.   We need fresh blood and new thinking in the Republican Party to win elections, not old has been's on TV at every turn.  This week Rand Paul successfully implemented a filibuster to slow down an Obama cabinet nomination because it seemed that Socialist President Obama appeared to think that he had the right and the power to murder an American citizen in the United States, with a drone strike, simply suspected of illegal Terrorist activity.  It was a scary thought and a violation of our Constitutional Rights requiring due process of law when someone is accused of a crime. 

Rand Paul stood up to the President and the end result was finally a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder saying clearly that the President has no such right.   But to make the story more bizarre, John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticized Rand Paul for standing up for the Constitution.   McCain and Graham are Establishment Republicans that have been part of the problem in Washington DC for years and rarely part of the solution.    They have to go and the sooner the better.  Sadly, without Term Limits, these characters and many others in Congress will have to drop dead and be carried out on a gurney before they will leave office. 

We need more Anti Establishment Republicans in office at all levels of government that really do support limited Constitutional Government, lower taxes and less regulation, without compromise.  In other words, we need to elect more Conservative Republicans like Rand Paul that stand up for freedom and are willing to fight to push back the 100 years of Socialism that is bankrupting our country.   We need more fighters, not more politicians for life, feeding at the trough.    

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