Sunday, June 26, 2011

Support Courageous Conservative Republican Governors

It is critical that we support courageous Conservative Republican Governors Rick Scott of Florida, Chris Christie of New Jersey,  Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Rick Perry of Texas.  These Governors are attempting to roll back 100 years of Socialism in their states because they cannot print money and they must balance their state budgets.   For once, Governors are saying NO to the public employee unions in an attempt to roll back collective bargaining.   These Governors are also saying NO to trial lawyers and frivolous litigation that is driving business and jobs out of the United States. 

All of these Governors support free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulation and a balanced budget.   These Conservative Governors have had to deal with huge public employee unions, feeding at the trough, that are bankrupting their states.  The end result is that any job growth that is happening in the United States is primarily happening in these states because Scott,  Christie, Walker, Daniels and Perry are making the tough decisions needed to restore economic growth and jobs in their states.  Naturally,  these Conservative Republican Governors are all under attack by Socialists, the left wing lame stream media, the big public employee unions, those on the dole and the 50% of Americans that are otherwise Takers that will say or do anything to continue gorging on taxpayer monies. 

If we don't act to support these courageous Governors, those living off the fat of land, will take down these Governors.  So get your check books out and send these Governors some campaign contributions.   Remember, all elections are national.   It does not matter what state you happen to live in.   We have to support the Good Guys to prevent the Bad guys from bankrupting our country.  There should be no doubt that there is good and evil in the world.   Freedom is precious.   Our brave soldiers are fighting to protect our freedom around the world.   The least we can do is support these courageous Conservative Republicans, where ever they may be, that represent our ideals in helping us take back our country. 

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