Sunday, June 19, 2011

Romney & Cain Refuse To Sign Pro-Life Pledge

Republican candidates for the Presidency, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain have both refused to sign the Susan B Anthony Pro-Life Pledge.   All other Republican candidates have signed the pledge promising that if they are elected, they will appoint Pro-Life Judges and other federal officials, as well as, deny federal funding for abortion.   Since Romney, supposedly the front runner, is already known as a flip flopper on this and other issues, changing from Pro-Abortion to Pro-Life, once he began to seek the Presidency, this is a defining moment for Romney, who many believe is a RINO and not a real Conservative.   Remember, Romney is responsible for Romney/ObamaCare in Massachusetts.  Those of us that are values voters concerned about free market Economics and social issues,  see Romney's failure to sign the Pro-Life Pledge as the end of the road for Romney. 

This Blogger keeps telling anyone who will listen that though Romney has raised the most money so far, Romney will not be the Republican nominee.   Further, Herman Cain, who is a good guy may also have lost a shot at the VP slot.  The Republican Party is the Conservative Party of the United States; otherwise, it has no reason for being and will go the way of the WHIG's.   As such, if the Republican Party is not the family values Party and that includes a rock solid Pro-Life position,  then the base of the Party will go bye, bye and the Socialists will win in 2012 and 2014.   The good news is that a majority of people in the United States are now Pro-Life; though you will never hear that from the lamestream, left wing media.   Even many young people, who understand the technology, now realize that abortion is murder.   

Mitt Romney, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is a member of the east coast elite.   The Romney's summer in New Hampshire.  How nice.  While Romney was very successful in business, he was already a millionaire from inheritance when he began in business.   So to say that he was self made would be a stretch.   We need to nominate Republicans for the Presidency that can relate to normal working people.   Of those often mentioned for the Presidency, who were self made, that would be Palenty, Cain, Gingrich, Palin and most importantly, Rick Perry of Texas.

This Blogger believe that our Conservative dream team is Perry/Rubio.  To encourage Rick Perry to get into the race, just go on the Governor's website and tell him that you will get your check book out to support him for the Presidency.  We need a Republican nominee for the Presidency with a little dirt under his finger nails; not one who uses lip gloss and gets regular manicures.  Perry has the executive experience to be President.  Rick Perry is completely self made not in power because of Daddy as has been the case with other Presidents.   In that sense, Barack Obama is to be admired since he came from nothing; though there still seems to be some question as to where his support came from during his university years.

In any case, the Republican nominee for the President and Vice President must be true Conservatives, or many of us will sit on our hands.   As Ronald Reagan always said, we need bold colors not pastels.  As such, our nominees must be both economic and social Conservatives that can be trusted.   Rick Perry and Marco Rubio are our best hope of taking back our country in 2012 and 2014.   Let's make it happen.     

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