Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jon Huntsman - The Real Story

Obamanistas fear former Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah the most not because he is eminantly more qualified to be the President of the United States than Barack Obama; but because his family is worth Billions of dollars, which would allow them to fully fund a Presidential race.   While Obama plans to raise a Billion dollars to spread his re-election propaganda, the Huntsman family is worth $15 Billion.  As such, if Jon Huntsman Sr. chooses to start writing checks, which is probable, 51 year old Jon Jr. will have the money he needs to beat Obama; particularly since all current economic indicators in the US are so dismal. 

As such,  Obama and the lame stream media are busy gathering opposition research to throw at Huntsman.   Obama does not want to face Huntsman in 2012; that's for sure.   So before you see it on TV or the Internet, the truth about Huntsman is as follows:   Huntsman spent about 18 years working in the family business, chemical company, Huntsman Corporation.   Huntsman Corporation went public in 2005; though the family still owns 18.5% of the company's stock.   This is the company that invented the Styrofoam egg carton along with all kinds of Styrofoam packaging.  In addition to working in senior management positions for Huntsman Corporation, Jon Jr. has served four Presidents as Staff Assistant for Reagan, Ambassador to Singapore for Bush I and Deputy Trade Representative for Bush II.   Obama appointed Jon Jr. to serve as Ambassador to China.   There is no doubt that Jon Senior's political contributions played a big role in getting Jon Jr. these positions, at least related to appointments by Republican Presidents.  

Jon Huntsman Jr. was also elected twice to serve as Governor of Utah; though he did not complete his second term as a result of Obama's appointment to serve as Ambassador to China.   That appointment may have happened for two reasons; first to get Huntsman out of the way in China presumably so he would not challenge Obama for the Presidency and second because Huntsman speaks Mandarin Chinese and knows the country well as a result of his business dealings in China. 

Jon Huntsman Jr. is a well educated, pro-life, pro-gun, fiscal Conservative, thought to be moderate on other social issues, who did a reasonably good job while serving as Governor of Utah.  During his time as Governor, employment in the state grew by 5.9%.   Married with 7 children, at least as far as anyone knows, there really isn't much dirt on Huntsman except that Obamanistas will use his family business dealings as a big negative.  Though Jon Jr. has not been involved in running Huntsman Corporation since 2001, the company that does about $9.25 Billion in annual revenues has 12,000 employees, only 2,174 of which are in the United States.   All other employees work overseas including 1,151 employees in China.   Huntsman Corporation actually employs more employees in China and India together than in North America.  

As such, Obamanistas and the lame stream media will say that Huntsman knows how to create jobs all right; just not in the United States.   The reality is that Huntsman Corporation is a thriving global company, which logically would have employees overseas; but that is not the story they will tell.   The Socialists will paint Huntsman as a rich, greedy Capitalist, out of touch with the American people, even though his family is giving Billions of dollars to charity.  In fact, Jon Sr. has stated many times that his goal is to die poor as he gives away the family fortune. 

Socialist President Obama is a class warfare politician that can only win re-election by dividing our nation.  Obama is counting on the 51% of Americans that pay no federal income taxes at all, those on the dole including his PEEP's and those big companies getting corporate welfare and bail outs and big unions to win re-election.   It is no coincidence that Obama just held a $36,000 a plate dinner for Wall Street Fat Cats in New York City.   Yet, Obama will position himself as a "man of the people" while positioning Huntsman as a global Fat Cat.   Go figure.

The reality is that Huntsman and all Republicans running for the Presidency are eminantly more qualified to be President of the United States than Barack Obama.   It is too early to tell which Republican will challenge Obama; but one thing is for sure.   The election of 2012 is likely to be the dirtiest in American history because Socialists will do anything and say anything to stay in power.   As such, Conservatives must use the Internet and grass roots campaigning to get the truth out. 

The National Freedom Forum and this Blogger will post every day to spread the truth.   Fortunately, I have readers in just about all states and 25 foreign countries that hopefully will copy my posting on to friends and neighbors encouraging them to do the same.  In doing so, we can do out part to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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