Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Huntsman & Romney - The RINO Twins

Jon Huntsman, the former Governor of Utah and until recently Obama's Ambassador to China has announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for President.   The question is why?   The reality is that Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney are near clones of each other.  In fact, both are Mormons and  third cousins.  Let's compare. Huntsman and Romney have both been Governors; though Huntsman has a more conservative fiscal record.   Huntsman has more government experience than Romney since he has held various posts appointed by Republican Presidents and Socialist President Obama.   Romney only spent one term in office as Governor of Massachusetts.  Perhaps that makes Huntsman more of an establishment Republican; though Romney has the exact same roots since his father was the CEO of American Motors and the Republican Governor of Michigan years ago. 

Huntsman is viewed as a "Moderate" Republican.   Romney is just as Moderate; but became a convenient Conservative when he began his quest for the Presidency.   In that sense, Romney is a flip flopper that cannot be trusted.  One thing is sure, though this Blogger does not believe that Romney or Huntsman is tough enough to do what is necessary to get our country back on track, either of them is eminently more qualified to be the President of the United States that Obama.  In fact, Obama is not even qualified to manage a corner grocery store; hence the reason he has been such a failure. 

In any case, both Romney and Huntsman come from wealthy families; though Huntsman's father Jon Sr. is a billionaire, which means that Jon Jr. is much richer than Romney.  That is probably the reason that Romney had to work in business to add to his wealth.   Romney was a successful Venture Capitalist as the CEO of Bain Capital.  Jon Huntsman had no need to work in business, since he will inherent a huge fortune in due time.   It must be said, however, that his father Jon Sr. intends to die poor giving his money away to charities, presumably after providing for his 9 sons and daughters including Jon Jr.   Both Romney and Huntsman have beautiful wives of many years and lots of children as is the Mormon tradition. 

Most important, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney are establishment Republicans, which means they are most likely RINO's that will reach across the aisle and compromise with Socialists.  That is their mutual history and tradition.  We know the end of this story and it is leading to the bankruptcy of the United States.  If there are any Moderates left in the Republican Party that will vote in the primaries, it would seem that Huntsman and Romney will split that vote.   Romney is not participating in the Iowa Caucus because he knows he would lose in Iowa, the same as occurred in 2007.   Romney hopes to win in New Hampshire, since his family "summers" there; but that is not certain.   Both Romney and Huntsman will lose in South Carolina.  If either is going to emerge from the pack, at the expense of the other, it must be in Florida, the third early primary.

This Blogger does not believe that either Romney or Huntsman will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States if Governor Rick Perry of Texas enters the race, which is probable.  Perry is a true Conservative that can be trusted to help roll back 100 years of Socialism.   The same cannot be said for Romney or Huntsman.   Remember RomneyCare.  And, Huntsman is a global warming guy so it is uncertain if Huntsman will pursue a strategy to make our country energy independent.   I doubt it. 

Rick Perry has years of successful government and military experience; but is completely self made.  Rick Perry knows what is is to struggle.   Perry's parents were Texas tenant farmers.  As such, Perry has dirt under his finger nails. Rick Perry grew up in a home without running water or electricity until he was 9 years old.  Both Huntsman and Romney were born with silver spoons in their mouths.  They are both establishment country club Republicans that have never struggled in their lives.  Though this Blogger belongs to a laid back country club out west, mostly composed of self made people, the last thing we need now is a high brow, country club RINO as the Republican nominee for the Presidency.   Instead, we need Rick Perry who can win in states like Missouri, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida where the national election will be decided by attracting all Republicans and Reagan Democrats and Independents.  

As Ronald Reagan once said, we need bold not pastel colors in the Republican Party.  Romney and Huntsman are powder blue and pink.  Rick Perry is RED, WHITE and BLUE and will be a stark contrast to Socialist President Obama, which is exactly what is needed to take back our country in 2012 and 2014.   Rick Perry is both an economic and social Conservative that can be trusted.  As such, the RINO Twins, Huntsman and Romney need not apply.   

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