Thursday, June 16, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Of Texas - Time To Enter The Presidential Race

Governor Rick Perry of Texas will decide soon if he will enter the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.   Let us hope that Perry decides to go for it because he is our best hope of defeating Socialist President Obama.   Though Rick Perry took over the Governorship after George W Bush was elected President, Perry is not George W Bush in any way, shape or form.  Perry represents the American dream.  Perry, a fifth generation Texan and his family were tenant farmers.  

Rick Perry is definitely not an east coast country club Republican.  Perry knows what it is to have dirt under his fingernails.   Rick Perry spent five years in the Air Force.  Afterwards, Perry has been involved in public service for two decades serving in the Texas House of Representatives, as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture and then later as Lieutenant Governor before assuming the Governor's office.   Perry has been the longest serving Texas Governor, winning two terms in his own right, in Texas history. 

Rick Perry holds a degree in Animal Science from the Texas A & M University.  That makes him an Aggie.   Bush was our first MBA President, which seemed good, but did not work out too well.   Maybe it would be good to have a President that understands animal behaviors since Congress often looks a sequel of the movie Animal House.   

Most important, most of the job creation in the United States in the last decade has occurred in Texas, which happens to coincide with the years Perry has spent as Governor.  Rick Perry is real Conservative not a RINO.   Perry supports free market capitalism, limited government and lower taxes and less regulation and he has made it work to turn Texas into the second largest state in the nation.  As Texas Governor, Perry understands what needs to be done to secure our Southern border and he will do what is necessary to make it happen.   In addition,  since Perry comes from Texas, he knows Energy and as such will implement an Energy Plan to make the US Energy independent. 

Rick Perry is married with two children and believe it our not he is an Eagle Scout and life long member of the American Legion Post 75.   Perry carries a gun when he jogs, which he used to shoot a coyote that was attacking his dog.   We all know that there are a lot of varmints in Washington DC so having a no nonsense rock solid Conservatives President in the White House that knows how to deal with pests would be great and just what we need.   

Tell everyone you know to encourage Rick Perry to enter the Presidential Race.   Perry is a candidate that will unify the Republican Party.   The icing on the cake would be Perry's selection of Senator Marco Rubio, from FLORIDA, as the Republican Vice President nominee.   Rubio is another American dream story.  Born in the United States from Cuban blue collar parents, Rubio, an attorney, who is Catholic and Hispanic, served in Florida state government before becoming one of its Senators.  And, since both Perry and Rubio have run for public office many times, we have to assume if there was any dirt on either of them, it would have come to light long ago.   So they must be clean.  This would be our dream ticket.   Both Perry and Rubio are rock solid Conservatives we can trust.  

We have to take back our country.   A Perry/Rubio Republican Ticket is the best way to make it happen.  This Blogger will get out my checkbook to support this ticket in a big way.   I would sell the farm to support this ticket.  I will beat on doors to raise money for Perry/Rubio.   Let's make it happen to take back our country to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We have to make Obama a one term President in 2012 and Perry/Rubio is our best hope to sweep these Socialists out of office to clean house to get out country back on track to restore economic growth and job creation in America. 

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